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Several thousand demonstrators at Fir, Elizabeth Bourne’s grounds

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At least 6,000 people, according to unions, and 3,100 according to the prefecture, marched quietly Saturday in Vire, in rain and wind, to denounce pension reform, on April 1 in Vire, France. (Lou Benoist/AFP)

“No retirement at 64, neither for us nor for our children” : BEHIND THE HEAD BANNER At least 6,000 people, according to unions, and 3,100 according to the county, marched quietly Saturday in Fire City, rain and wind, to denounce pension reform.

“We want to come and express our anger (…) 49.3 can no longer be repeated. We are no longer in a democratic country, considered Anthony Mosconi, 34 years old. This non-union employee, came from Flers, in Orne, about thirty kilometers away, with his partner and his two children, aged 3 and 4. Vere, in Calvados, was chosen for this regional assembly by the inland unions because the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bourne, had been elected there during the last legislative election.

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Social Conflict: Getting Out of Gears“I hope everyone is on the demo because they are doing everything to prevent us from coming. This is the country where everything is banned.”Philippe Brossard, representative of the CGT in Orne, lamented into the microphone, before leaving the procession.

The police have already set up filter dams on all roads into the city.

“We come to continue the work of Ambroise Croixat”, the father of social security, explains Stéphane Davinel, 62, from Cherbourg, 125 km away. He and his seven CGT colleagues claim to have been screened “at least six or seven times” before entering vir.

Stéphane Davinel was surprised to see that many shops, especially banks or real estate agencies, had boarded-up windows: “We are not thugs. The trade union demonstrations are being held very well.”Confirms.

“Shine in my retirement”

The chosen course was unsuccessful in front of Mrs. Bourne’s time deputy Freddie Sirtain.

sequel after announcement

For Noe Gochard, 23, who opposed Mrs. Bourne during the legislative election under the label LFI-Nupes, “The governorate wanted to scare the merchants in the face of the demonstrators, when we have the same interests and they are losing numbers.” It is closed on Saturday. “There is no violence here”.

“We must go,” we said to ourselves, “maybe it’s the revolution…” with the rebels of the Parisian nights

Among the many banners raised, ‘Nothing good about Macron’ or ‘I want a sparkle in my retirement’. Among the logos… “Hey Jupiter, let’s go, the interpro on the street will block Si..”shouted into the megaphone from the car, or even “Who are the thugs? Who is the scum? Outside… this government that breaks pensions and public services that fills and gasses us.”.

“We express our outrage in a big way, not only against this project (to reform the pension system), but also against the contempt with which the government crushes us.”intersyndicale, has written in its invitation to participate, captioned, 64 years old no! ».

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