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Belarusian President Lukashenko calls for a “truce” and talks

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, a close ally of Russia, on Friday, March 31, called on A “truce” In Ukraine and talks “without preconditions” between Moscow and Kiev.

The war in Ukraine: 4 scenarios for the continuation of the conflict

We must stop now before the escalation begins. I venture to propose a cessation of hostilities.”Alexander Lukashenko said during a speech to the nation. It is possible – and necessary – to settle all regional, reconstruction, security and other issues at the negotiating table without preconditions.he added.

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Blaming the West and Ukraine for the conflict, Alexander Lukashenko said he feared war “nuclear” Because of Western support for Kiev, as earlier Vladimir Putin announced his intention to deploy nuclear weapons “tactics” in Belarus.

There is only one solution: negotiations.

“Because of the United States and its vassals, an all-out war broke out” In Ukraine, he said, believing that since then, ‘Nuclear fires lurking on the horizon’.

“You all understand and know that there is only one solution: negotiations! Negotiations without preconditions »Knock.

stressing that “The military-industrial complex is operating at full speed in Russia” And that was Ukraine ‘inundated with Western weapons’Alexander Lukashenko expressed concern about A “escalation” Next, which will cause many deaths.

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Lukashenko is Putin’s partner.

Kiev said that Belarus is not a direct party to the conflict in Ukraine, but it lent its territory to the Russian army to launch its attack on the Ukrainian capital last year and launch strikes.

Moscow and Minsk also conducted joint exercises and created a military grouping consisting of soldiers from both countries.

Mediation without result

Last weekend, President Putin announced his intention to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus “tactics”Announcement caused concern in Ukraine and the West.

Russia and Ukraine held talks in 2022, but they failed in the face of intransigence on both sides. Subsequent mediation attempts yielded no results.

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“A Dictator Cannot Lose a War”: Putin, the Human Bomb

Moscow believes that the conflict can only end if Kiev responds to its demands, in particular Ukraine’s acceptance of the annexation of five of its regions.

For its part, Kiev believes that the condition for peace is the withdrawal of Russian forces from its territory without exception.

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