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behind the scenes | Concentrix’s acquisition of Webhelp for $4.8 billion

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Concentrix, a Nasdaq-listed conglomerate, is buying Webhelp for $4.8 billion (cash and stock) to create the world’s largest player in customer relations. By Bernard Deitch

Created by Frédéric Josset olivier sacrificed, 20 years ago, the company now had more than 130,000 employees worldwide.
Frédéric Jousset was fired a few years ago, while he was still a contributor Art Explora And Y-shed while becoming a shepherd.

Present in more than 60 countries in 150 call centres, Online help It was among the top three in the world. Equistone Partners Europe Astorg Charterhouse Financial Planning KKR & GBL supported the company’s growth until its sale across 5 consecutive LBOs since the Series A in 2002.

GBL (Frere and Desmarest families) is emerging as the biggest winner in the operation since it doubled its stake in less than 4 years after acquiring US KKR.

This merger will make it possible to accumulate costs of colossal developments in terms ofamnesty international, Nerves of war in the industry with major competing players such asAccenture & Teleperformance.

Several players were involved in the conclusion of this deal in negotiations that began in January 2022. This process was completed with the help of JPMorgan Who provided debt financing in this transaction. Thanks to this process, the two founders became them billionaires In euros on a personal basis, from French technology Based in France.

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