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Will age 64 and pension reform be on the agenda between Bourne and the Commonwealth?

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What will intersyndicale and Elizabeth Bourne be talking about next week? The question is on everyone’s mind as social mobilization continues against pension reform and the legal postponement of retirement from 62 to 64. To try to get out of the crisis, the Prime Minister proposed a meeting with trade unions – “Monday or Tuesday”CFDT General Secretary Laurent Berger said on TMC.

How did pension reform drag the government into the heart of a social powder keg?

problem ? The question of raising the statutory retirement age will not be on the agenda of the meeting, this Wednesday, March 29, warned the Minister for Relations with Parliament, Franck Riester, and the head of the Ministry of Democracy, François Bayrou.

sequel after announcement

postponement from 62 to 64, “It is the heart of the reform that was not agreed upon from the beginning.”said Frank Riester of the Senate. In life, there are moments, you have to know how to realize that there are also themes [sur lesquels] we don’t agreeHe added, wishing the exchange would be organized around it Topics we agree on.

The 64-year-old in the textAdded by François Bayrou from France 2. You cannot change fonts at this point. » but for him, “There’s a lot to discuss.”whether You are listening very well to what Laurent Berger said. CFDT leader. The High Commissioner for Planning, an ally of Emmanuel Macron, pointed this out The government said: “No one will work for more than 43 years to obtain his full pension rights.” So you see that the positions are not far apart in reality..

We’ll talk about 64 years.

The unions, which had united for more than two months against reforming the pension system and lowering the retirement age to 64, were called to Matignon after the tenth day of mobilization on Tuesday.

Laurent Berger, Investigating the Main Man of the Packers

“We’ll go. We talked about it among ourselves.”said Tuesday night on TMC Laurent Berger, adding: What is certain is that we will go and discuss pensions. And work because it is in line with it but (especially) pensions! » “I’ll talk about it, I’ll talk about it, insisted Wednesday morning on Franceinfo. And if someone says to me, “You can’t talk about that,” you’ll have to walk out. But we will talk about 64 years old. We will talk about what is happening today in our country. »

With BFMTV, the Prime Minister’s entourage confirmed it ‘There is no fixed agenda’ See you soon. Will be ‘a labor issue’but “The trade unions will be able to address all the issues they wish.”inform our colleagues of this source.

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