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TotalEnergies has targeted a new complaint of complicity in war crimes in Ukraine

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After filing the first complaint, two associations filed a new complaint on Wednesday, March 29, in order to obtain the appointment of an investigative judge to investigate TotalEnergies, which they accuse of complicity in war crimes in Russia, which the group strongly opposes.

Bordeaux-based NGO Darwin Climax and Razum We Stand, a Ukrainian organization that advocates for a ban on fossil fuel imports from Russia, on Wednesday sued the Crimes Against Humanity Division of the Paris Judicial Court in a complaint related to a civil suit. According to a source familiar with the matter. This procedure makes it possible to obtain the appointment of an investigative judge almost automatically.

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Super profitability, climate, geopolitics… Total’s black dossiers

In this document, seen by AFP, the two plaintiffs accuse the French oil group of continuing to exploit a deposit in Russia after the war broke out in Ukraine and to allow the manufacture of fuel used by Russian aircraft in the conflict.

“highlight actions”

The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat), which is competent in this matter, had on January 10 filed the first complaint of an insufficiently described crime, “After an in-depth analysis, legal and factual, of all items submitted by the Complainants, and on their own initiative, by TotalEnergies”.

Then the girls confirmed his absence “I have never hesitated to launch investigations targeting legal persons when there was sufficient evidence”. The complainants then appealed to the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal in Paris, who was also dismissed on 27 February. After studying the file.

Total and Environment: The Climate Bomb

“Justice’s refusal to investigate cannot be explained in light of the vast amount of evidence available to us and the highly detailed nature of the complaint.”Thursday, March 30th, say their solicitors, Mr. William Bourdon, Vincent Bringarth and Henry Thewleys.

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“The judicial information will shed light on the actions in the context of entrenching the Russian invasion and everything that directly or indirectly fuels it.”Add tips.

Shareholder of Russian companies

The plaintiffs state that until September 2022 TotalEnergies held 49% of the Terneftegaz joint venture, which operates the Termokarstovoie field, in the Russian Far North. The remaining 51% is held by Novatek, Russia’s gas No. 2, in which TotalEnergies has a 19.4% stake.

Total and taxes: the payer of the bad

However, according to Le Monde, the Termokarstovoy field supplied a gas refinery with gas condensate from which it then made fuel to supply Russian aircraft involved in the conflict in Ukraine, at least until July.

The French energy giant asserted at the time that it was not producing No kerosene for the Russian army.and later specified that it had reached an agreement in July to sell 49% in Terneftegaz to Novatek, a sale that ended in September.

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“Disgraceful and defamatory” accusations

“TotalEnergies would like to put an end to this baseless and reputational damaging controversy.”On Thursday the group replied that “I decided to take all legal measures to put an end to it.” And “You will go to the end.”.

We also recall that the accusations of “complicity in war crimes” are outrageous and defamatory. Words have meaning and this talk is unacceptable.”The company added.

“These accusations against our company, which conducts its operations in strict compliance with EU policy and applicable European sanctions procedures, are particularly serious and unfounded in light of the explanations we have given.”she insisted.

It continues its activities in the Yamal gas field

Before the conflict in Ukraine TotalEnergies was one of the most exposed French groups in Russia in terms of energy, producing 16.6% of hydrocarbons and 30% of gas alone. And it was announced at the end of April 2022 AD “beginning of withdrawal”.

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In total, during 2022, TotalEnergies depreciated $15 billion (€13.8 billion) of Russian assets, selling in particular its activities in the Kharyaga oil field and gas field, questionable by this complaint, from Termokarstovoie.

Latest session to date: Sale of a major automotive and industrial lubricant factory in mid-March. The only exception is that TotalEnergies is continuing its activities at this point in the Yamal gas field, a massive project not targeted by European sanctions aimed at Moscow.

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