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Four vote stakes this weekend

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After the legislative elections in June 2022, the Constitutional Council canceled polling, for irregularities, in seven electoral districts. (1). So the electors of four of them were invited back to the polls on Saturday 1any and Sunday, April 2. The first district of Ariège will elect a deputy, and the three districts of French abroad will select candidates for the second round, scheduled for April 15 and 16.

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Without this having an impact on the current balance of the National Assembly, and despite the strong abstention that generally accompanies these elections, it will be an occasion for the various parties to test their relationship with force against opponents, and even partners. In the Areej circle, he will face the outgoing socialist dissident in a duel between leftists. For the French living abroad, the election will take place against the backdrop of the Israeli political crisis and diplomatic tensions between Paris and Rabat. Loops summarizes the issues for you.

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• 1ᵉ arrondissement in Ariège: the PS is torn apart again

After failing in the first round last June, she will face dissident socialist Martine Froger, outgoing LFI-Nupes Bénédicte Taurine (election canceled after candidate RN appealed). And the result could be narrow: the Rebels definitely came first in the first round (31.18% of the vote vs. 26.42%), but their score dropped by two points when the Socialist percentage increased by eight points. Add to this that the Renaissance officially called for Martin Froger to be adjourned on Sunday.

In the Socialist Party, Carol Delga traced her furrow away from the Nubians

PS First Secretary Olivier Faure summed it up on Monday at the LCP: This election is an exact replica of the June legislature. » After the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) agreement signed between various left-wing parties, many socialist dissidents presented themselves, supported by several party executives such as Nicholas Meyer Rossignol, who then became deputy first secretary. Marseille Conference in January.

Besides weakening the Nubians, this election once again reveals the divisions within the Socialist Party. On one side is the line of Olivier Faure, the great defender of Nobis, who calls on Martin Froger to withdraw. On the other hand, the Mayor of Rouen and Hélène Geoffroy, Mayor of Volks-en-Vellen, both unsuccessful candidates for the post of First Secretary, who protest against “Little Parisian Conventions” And they believe that the union of the left is “Outdated”. For department spokesperson Pierre Jovet, one thing is certain: “The result will be close.”

• 8ᵉ constituency for French residents outside France

If Mayer Habib’s election is canceled, it is because “offenses” and the maneuvers Of her sympathizers, the Constitutional Council noted. This does not prevent the controversial 61-year-old French-Israeli businessman, who is close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, from returning on Sunday to the voters of this constituency that includes several countries around the Mediterranean, including Israel, Italy, Greece and Turkey. .

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“Israel is threatened with a journey into darkness”

In particular, he will face preacher Deborah Abisror de Lime, who won him by just 193 votes last year. Deborah Abesror de Lime does not hesitate to play confrontation, referring to the investigation aimed at her opponent “embezzlement of public funds”, in respect of the remuneration of her parliamentary assistants. She also filed an official notice regarding Mayer Habib, again accusing him of residency “call centers”.

• 9ᵉ constituency for French residents outside France

The victory was great for candidate Nobis Karim Bencheikh, who beat former Macron minister Elisabeth Moreno in June. but “malfunctions” While electronic voting invalidates the election. In this circle that brings together the Maghreb and West Africa, the risks are increased due to the deteriorating diplomatic relations between Paris and Rabat, while Morocco has the largest French community in the region, with about 52,000 citizens.

Morocco and Israel militarize their rapprochement

In light of the full warmth between France and Algeria, the Moroccan press is scrutinizing the positions of the candidates regarding Western Sahara, the subject of a dispute with Algeria. Candidate Nobis, who was born in Tunisia, supports Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, as does his rival, Majid El Karrab, a former deputy of the Revolutionary Democratic Party who presents itself as an independent. The latter was sentenced in May 2022 to one year in prison and two years of disqualification “premeditated violence” On former socialist leader Boris Faure, the verdict he appealed against.

Both are confronted by Caroline Travers, a lawyer from Casablanca, who has been invested by Renaissance. Among the fifteen candidates, for reference to ex-convict Gregory Angular, is presented as the “brain” in the carbon tax scam.

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• Establishment of 2ᵉ constituency for the French outside France

This is also “malfunctions” During the electronic vote that nullified the election of Renaissance MP Eleonore Caruit in the Latin America and Caribbean constituency. The one who won by and large with 57.42% of the vote puts her seat in play against French-Chilean nobis Cristian Rodriguez (42.58%). The latter hopes that the protest dynamics against pension reform will allow him to snatch a symbolic victory for the left. For reasons of time difference, voting will take place on Saturday 1any April.

(1) Last January, the three by-elections gave the winner to the candidate of Ennahda (Laure Miller, 2ᵉ district of Marne) and two candidates from Nupes, Confederation of the Left (Bertrand Petit, 8ᵉ district of Pas-de-Calais and René Pellato, district Charente). On the other hand, the National Front party, despite having two candidates in the second round, did not get any additional seats.

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