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Valérie Pécresse refuses to credit Angela Davis as a high school teacher because of her situations in France

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On Wednesday, March 29, LR President of the Ile-de-France region Valérie Pécresse appeals to the state to decide whether to assign the name of Angela Davis to a secondary school in Saint-Denis, due to critical attitudes towards France by an American activist.

“Angela Davis’ name is not unanimous.”, Valery Bekris announced in the Standing Committee of the Regional Council, which was to discuss this appointment. So the former presidential candidate decided “Withdraw this deliberation and personally arrest the Minister of National Education and the regional governor under the supervision of the legitimacy to analyze this issue.”.

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“While waiting for the state’s decision, I will turn to the educational community and the mayor of Saint-Denis to look for a new name for this institution.”added the head of the first district in France, which has jurisdiction over secondary schools.

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whether “The pursuit of dignity and equality is at the core of the commitment” A civil rights activist, a figure in the fight for equality for black Americans, she is “Belief that racism is a systemic issue” thesis “It fuels community withdrawal and can encourage violence.”believes Valerie Pecresse.

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“A number of Angela Davis’ recent positions on France are problematic”The elected right-wing official added, specifically targeting a platform the academic signed by subscription in 2021.

In the latter, intellectuals from all over the world criticized “The colonial mentality (which) is evident in the governance structures of France, in particular towards citizens and immigrants who suffer from racism, as evidenced by measures such as the dissolution of the CCIF (Community Against Islamophobia in France)” or The no-hijab law. Gold Medal for Valérie Pecresse, “In a French high school, you have to learn to be proud of France”.

sequel after announcement

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In May 2018, 14 of the 17 members of the school’s board of trustees approved the choice of Angela Davis for the name of the institution, which had been built by the district and opened the previous year. The mayor of Saint-Denis at the time, Laurent Rosset, validated the choice.

but since, “The regional right has always, on faulty grounds, refused to make this name official.”Environmental opposition group protests in a press release.

LR and a related group proposed in an amendment to rename the school after Rosa Parks, another figure in the fight against racism in the United States.

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