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The Russian separated from his daughter because of a drawing he was arrested in Belarus

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Russian news agencies reported on Thursday, March 30, that a Russian man, who was separated from his daughter because of her drawing against the attack in Ukraine that she carried out, and escaped before he could be sentenced to two years in prison, was arrested in Belarus.

Alexey Moskalyov, 54 years old, was “Arrested by the (Belarusian) police” near the capital Minsk, ” Upon request “ The agencies quoted the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior that the Russian authorities.

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Moscow newspaper: “Because of an anti-war drawing drawn by 13-year-old Masha, her family was condemned”

The case of Alexei Moskalyov being separated from his daughter Maria, a 13-year-old schoolgirl whom he raised on his own, is emblematic of the repression against those opposed to the conflict in Ukraine, and stirs great passions in Russia.

Anti-war drawing

The relationship began when Maria Moskaliova drew a picture in class showing missiles heading towards a woman and child holding the Ukrainian flag.

In the course of an all-out hunt for voices critical of the attack in Ukraine, the headmaster immediately alerted the police and the schoolgirl was placed in a house, while the father was placed under house arrest in early March.

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On Tuesday, a court in Efremov, 300 kilometers south of Moscow, sentenced Alexei Moskalyov to two years in prison for allegedly “discredited” Army by posting messages online criticizing the attack on Ukraine.

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But in the meantime, the authorities announced that Alexei Moskalyov had escaped from house arrest, thus becoming a fugitive.

“You are not guilty of anything.”

A letter written by Maria Moskalievna in which she said she supported her father only added to the sentiment after it was made public on Wednesday.

“I love you very much, you are not guilty of anything, I will always be by your side”wrote the young girl, who was placed in a home and prohibited from any telephone contact with her father.

“I am sure everything will be fine and we will be together again […] I know you won’t back down, you are strong, we are strong […] I will pray for you and for us.”and adds.

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How Putin maintains his fist

The Kremlin said on Wednesday it was following the case closely and accused the single father “Fulfilling his parental obligations in a pitiful manner”.

Another trial is scheduled for April 6 to decide whether or not to limit Alexei Moskalyov’s parental rights.

In a sign of the indignation this case has sparked, an online petition calling for the child to be returned to his father has amassed more than 145,000 signatures, despite the climate of repression.

Since the conflict in Ukraine began last year, several well-known dissidents or anonymous individuals in Russia have been sentenced to prison terms for criticizing the attack.

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