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LFI and the Communists refuse to meet Elizabeth Bourne on Monday

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The parties and parliamentary groups La France Insoumise (LFI) and the Communists decided not to go next week to Matignon, where Elisabeth Bourne wanted to receive them, as they announced on Thursday 30 March, again demanding the withdrawal of the reformist pension.

The prime minister had expressed, in an interview with Agence France-Presse, her desire to invite them with a view “to calm the country”.

sequel after announcement

How did pension reform drag the government into the heart of a social powder keg?

“La France Insoumise and her parliamentary group will not go to meet Elizabeth Bourne”LFI coordinator Manuel Bompard tweeted, explaining that it was scheduled for Monday. With the deputies of Nobis, we will go in a procession to demand the withdrawal of the text of the law in front of the Elysee Palace on Tuesday morning. »

The communists on Tuesday at the Elysee to give a message to Macron

The Communists do the same. “Since in the Elysée, unfortunately everything is decided, we refuse the invitation of the Prime Minister. We ask that the President of the Republic receive us. It is urgent that he act!”commented the National Secretary of the French Communist Party, Fabien Roussel on Twitter.

Communist parliamentarians are on the initiative of “Republican procession” Who will be walking from the Assembly to the Elysee on Tuesday morning to “Personally deliver a letter to the President of the Republic” They demanded the withdrawal of the reform that lowers the legal age of departure to 64, they wrote in a press release.

Pensions: What if Emmanuel Macron offered a way out for Article 10 of the constitution?

The socialist group is waiting to receive an invitation from Elizabeth Bourne to make a decision, according to a parliamentary source. Asked by AFP, environmentalists have not responded at this point.

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