Home Politics Gradual pricing, basins, wastewater … Emmanuel Macron’s announcements of his “sobriety plan” on water

Gradual pricing, basins, wastewater … Emmanuel Macron’s announcements of his “sobriety plan” on water

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If Emmanuel Macron cannot “predict the climate crisis”, on the other hand he is trying to organize water management for the coming months. To face “Extreme pressures next summer” Which is feared in some municipalities, Emmanuel Macron announced Thursday, March 30th“Sobriety plan on the water” will ask “per sector” to“Here in the summer”while presenting its water management strategy for Lake Serre-Ponçon, in the Hautes-Alpes.

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Quote “Energy, Industry, Tourism, Entertainment and Agriculture”The head of state called on everyone to take responsibility. He also announced the establishment of a “EcoWatt of water” On the model of the appliance that is set up to reduce electricity consumption during the winter season. He also announced an envelope of an additional €500 million per year for the water agencies’ budgets.

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• Towards the generalization of “progressive pricing” of water

The head of state wants a “Progressive and responsible pricing” It could be water “widespread in France”. “The first cubic meter is billed at a modest price close to the cost price” And Then after a certain level, the price per cubic meter will be higher., It is to explain. Scale already provided by the city of Montpellier, led by the socialist majority.

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• Wastewater reuse by 10% by 2030

This is one of France’s most important points, which the president wants to address. He announced that the state should reuse 10% of its wastewater, compared to less than 1% today. “For this, we decided to launch 1,000 water recycling and reuse projects in five years.” And “In the end, we want to reuse 300 million cubic meters, which is 3 Olympic swimming pools per municipality […] or 3,500 bottles of water per Frenchman per year.said the chief.

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• Adapting future ponds to save water and pesticides

Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed the benefit of artificial water storage for farmers, such as the one in Saint-Sullen where very violent clashes took place on Saturday, but suggested that the following clashes take better account of water and water scarcity.

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It is not about privatizing water. or to allow some to monopolize it.”He repeated that the water was ‘Essential to our food sovereignty’. But he asked that future works be conditional ‘Major changes in practice’Starting with saving water and reducing the use of pesticides by farmers.

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• Adapting nuclear power plants to climate change

Emmanuel Macron announced an investment program to adapt nuclear power plants to global warming, France’s third largest water consumer for cooling. He noted that about 12% of the water consumed in France comes from power plants.

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“We must adapt our nuclear power plants to climate change by implementing a large-scale investment program to save water and allow them to operate much more in closed circuit.”did he say.

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