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Cyberstalker Sandrine Russo has been given a one-year suspended sentence

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On Wednesday March 29, the Marseille Criminal Court sentenced a man who embarrassed deputy environmentalist Sandrine Rousseau online for nearly a year, sending her up to dozens of messages a day, to a suspended twelve-month prison term.

Sandrine Rousseau, Permanent Enhancer

“I’m so sorry”, explained this to the 44-year-old who was desensitized with his mother in Aubagne, on the outskirts of Marseille, and whose probationary suspension was accompanied by a three-year commitment of care. He is also forbidden to have contact with the victim.

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Between April 2022 and February 2023, via various digital platforms and also via email, the MP sent hundreds of messages, varying between words of love or hate, threats or of a sexual nature.

“He used every means possible: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email”And “He had a complete obsession with me. He sent me up to 70 messages a day.”told AFP MP Green, who was not at the hearing.

Misogynistic, pornographic, and even anti-Semitic messages

“I wanted her to take me into consideration, I felt lonely”try to explain the defendant’s admission that he exists “I fell madly in love with Madame Rousseau”.

Faced with this constant stream of messages, often misogynistic, pornographic and even anti-Semitic, the environmental deputy filed a complaint twice against this man who wrote on social networks under his real name. He also sent her his personal number, allowing her to be officially identified.

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He’s a daily ecstasy user and unemployed, he felt it “His state of complete isolation from society, loneliness, isolation and addiction” led him to do so.

He was previously convicted of harassment

A psychiatric report described him as suffering from Adjustment disorders and major social isolationbut without double discrimination.

promising at the helm “Never harass anyone again”the defendant expressed his desire to do so “You want to fit in with society”In particular “thanks to the music”.

In 2018, he was already sentenced to community service for threatening and harassing a video game YouTuber.

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Can we draw cartoons without cyberbullying? The thorny question in the wake of the sarcastic accounts on Twitter

Along with the other elected members of her environmental group in the National Assembly, Sandrine Rousseau revealed on February 20 the threats they had been subjected to, especially on social networks.

They posted on Instagram, under the hashtag Balance your bullies,” the worst hateful, racist, and sexist threats they regularly receive.

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