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Are we facing authoritarian neoliberalism? »

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In his interview last Wednesday on TF1, the head of state emphasized that people only expressed themselves through their representatives, that is, elected officials, stating that they do not have to consider the protesters. what do you think

Jean Claude Monod. There, Emmanuel Macron plays on a transformation of a formula already contained in the constitution: National sovereignty belongs to the people, who exercise it through their representatives. » But it must be noted first that the majority of the parliamentary representation itself was not won to approve this reform. Evidence: His government used 49.3.

So, we cannot reduce the expression of the people to representation. Admittedly, presidential elections and the election of parliamentarians are great sources of democratic legitimacy, but the people have other channels of expression. We know from the French Revolution, until the Age of Enlightenment, that public opinion is also expressed, and that in the various channels of expression, especially the press or today’s polls. And since the nineteenthH Century, we also know the expression of more organized groups, through union representation, the so-called “social democracy.” Demonstrations contribute to public opinion and this social democracy.

So parliamentary representation, public opinion and democratic socialism: in these three channels, the rejection of this reform is expressed

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