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Who is Eric Poliat, rapporteur of the “BRAV-M Dissolution” petition?

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With more than 176,000 citizen signatures on the platform of the National Assembly, the petition to disband BRAV-M, the unit critical of police officers who travel on motorcycles, has outstripped the number required for one of the permanent commissions at the Palais Bourbon. Busted, in this case the legal committee. On the morning of Wednesday, March 29, the Vice-Renaissance of the 6th arrondissement of the Gironde, Eric Pouyat, was appointed Rapporteur.

Who are the brave, “anti-breaker” police officers crystallizing criticism?

• Decision to seek BRAV-M solution

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“Dissolving the special police force is not within the competence of the legislator.”, the deputy rapporteur tells UBS. Next Wednesday, April 5, he will have to propose that the petition be either filed or examined internally. Its sole criterion is: See how the petition falls within the authority’s jurisdiction. » If he confirms that his opinion has not decided on the petition, according to him, “legislative entry”. “BRAV-M was put in place by the Prefect of the Paris Police and can only be removed by him”Confirms.

• Against all politics

For MP Renaissance, this petition is above all a matter “political record”. “It ends by stopping the massacre, so I would like to know what started the massacre.”He explains to “Obs”. He advocates that the right to petition not be diverted to a place “political program”. “These petitions are not commissions of inquiry that fall under the jurisdiction of the legislator.”, he points to. He also warns “permanent distortion” Institutions, by those who make them places ‘Permanent political confrontation’.

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• Support the police forces

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After the violence on the sidelines of Saturday’s demonstration against the huge basins in Saint-Sollen (Deux Sèvres), Eric Poliat explained: “It’s not about the protest or the environment. They’re thugs, thugs who are out there to ‘kill the cops’.”he tweeted, wrote to him “full support” to enforce the law.

In “l’Obs,” the deputy of the Gironde and Acher continued: There is illegal violence, street violence. And there is legitimate violence, which is the use of force by the Internal Security Forces. » Before determining that in case of non-compliance with the legal framework and doctrine of the use of such force, the responsible agents must be prosecuted and punished.

• They are familiar with security topics

Regarding the study of the petition on the BRAV-M, the 48-year-old MP admits to his “l’Obs”: This is a topic that interests me. Eric Poliat is used to safety. It is he who recommends that drug use be punished with a fixed criminal fine, a proposal made by the Minister of Interior and enshrined in law in 2018.

“They grappled with us one by one for half an hour”: the story of a young man who was humiliated by the brave.

The following year, he was appointed co-rapporteur of the Media Mission on Radicalization in Public Services. He was also an official in the Global Security Bill Committee, 2020, and rapporteur of some chapters of the law that affirm respect for the principles of the republic.

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• former socialist

Member of the Socialist Party between 2005 and 2014, and Secretary of the Time Department, he, like other members, converted to Macroni in 2017. Appointed deputy departmental auditor, he won the deputy seat of the 6th Gironde district from Marie Riccaldi, the outgoing Socialist. In 2022, he will be elected again with 51.85 votes against Vanessa Virgo Reno (Nupes). He is also the coordinator of Al-Nahda Representatives within the Child Rights Delegation in the National Assembly.

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