Home Politics “The Constitutional Council has often been very satisfied with the political majority”

“The Constitutional Council has often been very satisfied with the political majority”

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In “The Abusive Constitution. Anatomy of the Constitutional Council,” published in the March 3 editions of Amsterdam, Lauréline Fontaine carefully dissects the institution to which all eyes have turned since the future of pension reform rested in the hands of the Montpensier Rue judges. Among the indictments is the professor of public law at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Paris, who denounces the problems of impartiality, the lack of independence and the skills of the “wise men” who, in his opinion, carry too badly their title. interview.

What do you expect from the Constitutional Council regarding the text of reforming the pension system?

Laureline Fontaine. From what I’ve seen over many years, I do not expect much from him, as the Council has often been very satisfied with successive political majorities. But if there is any chance of getting out of this case, it will be by censoring the legislative tool that was used to pass pension reform. When it was enshrined in the Constitution in 1996, Article 47-1 was never intended to discuss such a fundamental social issue as the legal retirement age.

It is a technical tool that allows Parliament to have a say in how the government distributes revenue and expenditure in the Social Security budget, usually at the end of the year.

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