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Social Conflict: Getting Out of Gears

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The trap closes. Since Saturday 25 March, the life of an activist radically opposed to the creation of a “Mega Basin” in Saint-Sollen has been at stake. The thirty-year-old, who was the victim of head trauma, was hit by a grenade blast that dislodged the cordon. At the time of going to press, his vitals are busy, another protester is in a coma, and the investigation is just beginning. Should we risk dying for a hydraulic reserve?

The confrontation at Saint-Sollen has symbolic value. Citizens’ demonstration, challenging the legitimacy of public decisions, and the escalation of armed and police violence.. The episode is part of an open confrontation now between the authorities and the street.

A week ago, in fact, the adoption of pension reform without a vote radicalized the mobilization, which had been peaceful until then. Spontaneous rallies turned into a manhunt for protesters led by BRAV-M. And after they infiltrated the ranks of the great March 23 demonstration, the black blocs and thugs sowed chaos. 120 fires were recorded in Paris, a police station burned down in Lorient, the door of the Bordeaux city council burned … The suppression of this fire led to the police being held in a state of chaos – not always justified – and police violence, which was immediately broadcast on social networks … Eleven investigations have already been opened by the Inspectorate General of the National Police (IGPN).

However, the executive decided not to give up and wait

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