Home News “Israel stands out from the experience of European Jewry from which it stems”

“Israel stands out from the experience of European Jewry from which it stems”

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In Israel, the mobilization against judicial reform initiated by the coalition government led by Benjamin Netanyahu has not weakened. So much so that the prime minister, besieged by a protest movement that has continued to grow for nearly three months, announced on Monday 27 March ” break “ In his controversial plan to abolish the independence of the Supreme Court. Discussions on the text should resume in May in parliament.

Historian Danny Trum, Director of Research at the CNRS, who has just published in PUF “The State of Exile. Israel, Jews, Europe », analyzes this crisis in light of the weakness of the state whose elements go back to the history of Zionism.

What are your concerns about the situation in Israel?

Danny Trum My concern is with the continuing illiberal aberration, associated with the change in the statute of the Supreme Court, which could be severely weakened. Because the rules of the political game are threatened. In addition to the desire to rein in the Supreme Court, it is a sacred relationship with the land and the Palestinian cause, as well as the relationship with world Jewry through attempts to amend the Law of Return. [notamment une clause qui permet l’émigration vers Israël et l’octroi de la citoyenneté à toute personne ayant au moins un grand-parent juif] Who worries. By threatening the status quo on these three axes, the ruling coalition wants to change the features of the State of Israel such as

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