Home Politics Darmanin calls for strengthening the security of the governorates in the face of “extremist left threats”

Darmanin calls for strengthening the security of the governorates in the face of “extremist left threats”

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Gerald Darmanin asked the governors on Wednesday evening, March 29, to step up security in the provinces across France where rallies are scheduled to take place on Thursday. “Against oppression in Saint-Sollen” (Deux-Sèvres) at the call of the Land Uprisings movement, for which he initiated proceedings to disband.

Who are Les Uprisings of the Earth, the movement Darmanin wants to disband?

In a cable consulted by AFP, the interior minister asked “Measures to protect the provinces from the threats of extremist leftist groups”.

sequel after announcement

These rallies, scheduled for 7 p.m., aim to support the injured – one of whom still has his vital expectations – after clashes with the police during the outlawed demonstration against megabaines, and to denounce police violence.

Darmanin asks “which element” justifies “the dissolution of these small groups”.

They can mobilize “From 16,000 to 20,000 people for 80 activities”outside Paris, according to regional intelligence, Gerald Darmanin reports. “I ask you to pay special attention to protecting the provinces and sub-prefectures, which can also be targeted.”writes the minister.

In Sainte-Soline, Chronicle of War Declared

Gerald Darmanin calls on the referees to decide “If necessary, measures to ban demonstrations that would seriously disturb public order and affect the provinces, which are the main state symbols in the regions”.

as he asks them “which element” It seems justified “The dismantling of these small groups with the aim of rebellion”.

Already on Tuesday, Gerald Darmanin began the proceedings to dissolve the land group uprisings, which he held responsible for the clashes that occurred on Saturday in Saint-Sullen. The movement now has ten days to respond to the ministry’s arguments before the Minister of Interior decides to present the dissolution decree to the Council of Ministers.

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