Home News Two people were killed in an attack on the Ismaili Muslim Center in Lisbon

Two people were killed in an attack on the Ismaili Muslim Center in Lisbon

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On Tuesday, March 28, two people were killed in a stabbing attack against an Islamic center in Lisbon, the Portuguese police announced, who neutralized the attacker with a firearm. He added, “The attack resulted in two injuries and the death of two people at the present time.”Police said in a statement that the alleged attacker was arrested after being wounded.

The man who carried out this attack with him “big knife”The authorities added, that the hospital was hospitalized in the Portuguese capital. “We know that he is an Afghan refugee, in fact, for one reason or another, he broke into the center”Witnessed on private Portuguese television SIC was the leader of the Ismaili community in Lisbon, Nazim Ahmed.

sequel after announcement

We know there were two dead people, two women […] Center staff ».

The attack took place near the Ismaili Center in Lisbon. This community of Shia Ismaili Muslims established its global headquarters in Lisbon, and its spiritual leader, the Aga Khan, was granted Portuguese citizenship in 2019.

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The Ismaili Muslims, a Shi’a community of 15 million spread out in about 30 countries, number around 7,000 members in Portugal.

The unfavorable terrorist hypothesis

“I express my solidarity and condolences to the victims and to the Ismaili community”Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa responded to the press, adding that he was “It is too early to provide any explanation for the motives for this criminal act.”.

Accordingly, the hypothesis of the terrorist attack reported by the local media is not confirmed at this stage.

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The last attack on Portuguese territory dates back to July 27, 1983, when an armed group of five Armenians attacked the Turkish embassy in Lisbon, killing two people. The attackers were killed in the attack.

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