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Brav-M’s resolution petition exceeds 125,000 signatures

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A petition to disband the Violent Action Mechanized Repression Brigades (Brav-M), units at the center of criticism of police repression during protests against pension reform, has surpassed 125,000 citizens in five days on the website of the National Assembly, this Tuesday, March. 28 am. This is a record for the House of Representatives platform, launched in 2020 online to revive the right to petition.

If a petition regarding the Brav-M’s dissolution exceeds 500,000 signatories, from at least 30 constituencies, it could be a topic of discussion in Hemicycar, according to the association’s bylaws.

sequel after announcement

“They grappled with us one by one for half an hour”: the story of a young man who was humiliated by the brave.

And even without reaching the threshold of 500,000 supporters, the Presidency of the Council referred the petition to one of the permanent committees of the Palais de Bourbon, in this case undoubtedly the Legal Committee. At the suggestion of the deputy rapporteur, the committee can either close the petition or examine it internally.

The Brav-M, “Police Violence Code”

An online petition is just that “The police repression that is falling upon our country should lead to putting the necessity of dismantling the Brav-M back on the agenda”. The text criticizes these mechanized brigades of violent repression for becoming “One of the symbols of police violence”.

Pensions: Protesters, lawyers, and MPs denounce police violence and arbitrary arrests

The Brav-M was created in the spring of 2019 during the “yellow vest” movement, which are police units that travel on motorbikes to maintain order during demonstrations, being more mobile than CRS companies or mobile gendarmerie. Their mission is to contact thugs to stop the damage and challenge them.

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Yet they have been denounced for their methods of muscular intervention and are under several investigations for violence against demonstrators.

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