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The League of Human Rights implicates the police

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On Sunday, the League of Human Rights questioned the police’s responsibility for Saturday’s violence in Saint-Sullen (Deux-Sevres), where a demonstration against water tanks sparked clashes.

“We observed an excessive and indiscriminate use of force on all those present, with the clear aim: to deny access to the basin, whatever the human cost.”writes LDH, which has mandated 22 monitors of public freedoms and police practices on the spot.Tear gas, quadruples, Molotov cocktails… In Saint-Sollen, anti-dockers run into the police

On collective invitation “Tubs no thanks”Thousands of people – 6,000 according to authorities, 30,000 according to organizers – demonstrated on Saturday around a water reservoir under construction for agricultural irrigation, disputed among others in the area.

sequel after announcement

The governorate had banned the demonstration and the authorities mobilized 3,200 policemen and gendarmes around the site due to the presence of a thousand radical activists in the procession, they said. Violent clashes soon broke out around the site, and the authorities and organizers have denied responsibility since Saturday.

“Launch huge and indiscriminate bombs with tear gas”

According to the gendarmerie, the attackers used “Firework mortars, Roman candles, and big Molotov cocktails.” among other projectiles. The organizers, for their part, are in debt “massive repression” crowd.

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According to LDH, “The marches were subjected to heavy and indiscriminate tear gas bombs.” before they arrive at the site. immediately afterwards, “The gendarmes shot them.” With tear gas, stun grenades and explosives “type GM2L and GENL”plus LBD 40s, she adds in the first summary of notes made on Saturday.

Environmentalists in a Hostile Environment: Between Insults and Physical Attacks, Activists Under Pressure“The grenades were sent too far and indiscriminately.” and bangs “There were regular cries for help.”Confirms the association that appreciates it “The device endangered everyone present immediately.”.

It also condemned the firing of tear gas canisters at elected officials who were protecting the wounded Several instances of obstruction by the police to relief intervention.including one in the district “Completely quiet for several tens of minutes.”. The national secretary of the EELV Marine Tondelier and the organizers decried similar incidents.

sequel after announcement

“Defuse bombs”

according to the authorities, “During the process of evacuating the wounded, the gendarmes were attacked by individuals armed with incendiary devices when the clashes stopped. They had to respond to ward off this threat.”. These facts delayed the emergency services’ intervention however At no time were the elected officials identified in this region..

Two were seriously injured, one in absolute emergency, in a demonstration against docks

Gendarmerie encountered extremely violent individuals. In this context, they used force proportionately, using tear gas extensively.”The gendarmerie said on Saturday.

“to keep them safe”Army “I also had to resort to grenades to clear bombs, and in times of high stress, LBD had to be used.”she added.Vincent Martini: “The main failure of the great movement? A failure to create confidence.”

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