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Elizabeth Bourne says she wants to no longer use 49.3 outside of budget scripts

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“The way I set out for the future is: No 49.3 outside financial texts”Said Elizabeth Bourne on Sunday evening, March 26, in an interview with Agence France-Presse. “Since the beginning of the Legislative Council, 11 bills have been finally adopted and 12 bills have been passed. There has been recourse to 49.3 in only three texts.” They are the texts of the 2023 budget, of which the pension reform is part, according to what the Prime Minister indicated.

Pensions: Born is looking for a way out of the crisis, Berger calls for a strong gesture before the tenth day of work on Tuesday

Objection is growing to the use of Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows a text to be adopted without a vote but exposes the government to motions of censure. Two proposals on the pension text were rejected, one of them by 9 votes.

sequel after announcement

Available to social partners

Elizabeth Bourne would also like “quiet” With unions saying to them “ranking” To meet them in locations other than those of disputed pensions for ten weeks in the street.

“I am also at the disposal of the social partners. We have to find the right way: are these bilateral meetings between unions? We need calm. And that we can resume work on all these sites. The prime minister said about hardship, vocational retraining and so on.

Elizabeth Bourne will welcome parliamentary groups and political parties the week of 3 April

In this regard, the Head of Government made room in her agenda for the reception of trade union organizations and employers’ organizations in the week of April 10th. Regarding pensions, remember that the reform was adopted and willed “follow his way” Even the Constitutional Council, which gives opinion, and later the President of the Republic “You must make the law.”as provided for in the Constitution.

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