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CGT’s appeal against the applications was denied

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The Rouen administrative court on Sunday rejected the CGT’s request for interim relief to challenge the legality of the orders of the strikers of the TotalEnergies refinery in Gonfreville-L’Orcher (Seine-Maritime) run by the prefecture on Friday, we know from the corresponding sources.

In his order, consulted by AFP, the administrative judge considered the decree of the prefect of the Seine-Bahrain It does not appear to clearly violate the right to strike, which is recognized and protected under an ILO Convention..

sequel after announcement

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According to the administrative judiciary, the state’s reserves of kerosene at Paris Roissy airport were not authorized by “reasonable process” For three days only.

Then it can’t be the airport “Maintaining air traffic that prevents disruptions to public order associated with the massive presence of passengers denied flights” And take risks “cause uncertainties that could potentially affect flight safety”.

Reasons for arrest

Still by script, order three or four employees, depending on shifts, for a limited time, “It does not tend to create an ordinary service but aims to ensure a minimum level of pumping and charging through a limited but sufficient number of agents and a reduced list of strictly defined essential tasks”.

On Saturday, CGT lawyers notably argued that no service essential to the safety of people and property is affected by supply difficulties.

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“The fact is that the motives of the decree are lunar.”reacting Sunday to TotalEnergies CGT attorney Elsa Marcel.

What is at stake is politics. The decision comes at a time of intense movement against a country sticking to its position. We have not seen a judge make another decision in this context.”She told AFP.

“The demands are radicalizing the workers. They are angry.”She added that on Sunday afternoon the General Federation of Workers was considering submitting an appeal to the State Council.

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