Home Politics After the violence in Saint-Sullen, the LFI wants to set up a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the maintenance of order

After the violence in Saint-Sullen, the LFI wants to set up a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the maintenance of order

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The controversy continues, after two days of very violent clashes opposing “anti-basins” protesters and the police in Saint-Sullen, in Deux-Sevres, on Saturday. On Monday 27 March, the rebels announced that they wanted a parliamentary commission of inquiry on maintaining order.

On RTL, the LFI deputy in Val-de-Marne Clémence Guetté indicated that she and her group will ask for this commission of inquiry “Today only”And “Concerning the choices that were made in relation to the maintenance of order during the demonstration at Saint-Sollen”.

sequel after announcement

This weekend, opponents of the under-construction Saint-Sullen water reserve, one of sixteen planned in the region with a total capacity of 6 million cubic metres, met in Deux Sevres. However, the demonstration turned into a violent confrontation, and serious injuries were counted among the demonstrators and the police. The Minister of the Interior reported that 4,000 hand grenades had been fired.

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Clemens Gate lamented “Injured by the protesters because they were just there to demonstrate” And “They were injured on the part of the police because they obeyed a relatively ridiculous order of protecting a huge hole […] ».

“war scene”

The elected official lamented the organization of the maintenance of order: “Within kilometers of demonstration, we did not meet anyone, and then we arrived in front of a huge basin with 3,000 policemen who were guarding this basin and it is clear that they have the order to do so, whatever the cost.”

Tear gas, quadruples, Molotov cocktails… In Saint-Sullen, dock combat runs into the police

When asked about the objects found in some of the demonstrators, such as pétanques or machetes for example, she continued: The doctrine of policing endangered thousands of people who came in peace […] Because people are likely to come with weapons, we shoot into the crowd? […] It is absolutely unbelievable to launch 4,000 grenades. We had the feeling that we were in a war theater. »

sequel after announcement

According to an interim report provided by the prosecution, 29 gendarmes were injured, two of them in a serious condition without their lives being threatened, and seven protesters in total were attended to by emergency services.

The League of Human Rights implicates the police

The vital prognosis for a 30-year-old protester, comatose after a head injury, remained busy Sunday according to the Nior trial, which opened a specific investigation into the circumstances in which three protesters in all, including the 19-year-old, were subjected. A 27-year-old woman was seriously injured.

The organizers – the agricultural Confédération of the Confédération paysanne, the assemblage of associations of Bassines non merci and the environmental movement Land Uprisings – reported losses far greater than those of the authorities: 200 demonstrators were injured, including 40 seriously. That prosecution concerned only the officially rescued wounded, which may explain the discrepancy between the numbers.

A new project of 30 “basins” has been certified in Vienna

government denounced ‘Intolerable escalation of violence’the organizers ‘large-scale campaign’ And “violent perversion of the state”. AFP correspondents said the crowd remained calm. Human Rights League observers a question “Excessive and indiscriminate use of force against all present, with the clear aim: to prevent access to the basin, whatever the human cost.”.

Faced with the violence in Saint-Sollen and those that have revived the demonstrations of the past few days against the pension reform, the government spokesman, Olivier Ferrand, for his part denounced the position of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the LFI, of “Preliminaries of Anger” And from here “The misery of the little ones and they are the contributors to this violence.”

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