Home Politics Police violence in Sainte-Soline, complaints against the BRAV-M, Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus … The five pieces of information this weekend are unforgettable

Police violence in Sainte-Soline, complaints against the BRAV-M, Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus … The five pieces of information this weekend are unforgettable

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Police violence in Sainte-Soline, complaints against the BRAV-M, migrants drowning in the Mediterranean, nuclear weapons in Belarus, … Did you catch the news this weekend? Loops summarizes the key information to remember.

  • Police violence and BRAV-M: judicial investigations opened and confiscated by the General Inspectorate of the National Police

“sexual assault”And Threatening to commit rapeAnd “violation of individual freedoms”And “violence”And “general typing error”… Two protesters decided to file a complaint after they were arrested by BRAV-M police officers on Monday March 20 in Paris, according to information from France info. Two judicial investigations have been opened and entrusted to IGPN.

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Brav-M violence in Paris: two protesters announce the filing of a complaint

BRAV-M are police units that travel on motorbikes to ensure order is maintained during demonstrations in Paris, being more mobile than CRS companies or mobile gendarmerie. Their mission is to contact thugs to stop the damage and challenge them. This unit has recently been implicated in several cases of police violence in the context of demonstrations against pension reform.

And the director of police announced, on Friday evening, that he had seized the Inspectorate General of the National Police (IGPN) after broadcasting an audio recording obtained by “Le Monde” and Loopsider, in which we hear police officers, who presented themselves as members. From BRAV-M, he makes derogatory and insulting comments towards seven young demonstrators who had just been arrested. Sarah*, a freshman, is one of them. I told Lupus this evening.

“They grappled with us one by one for half an hour”: the story of a young man who was humiliated by the brave.

The Paris prosecutor’s office, for its part, opened a judicial investigation into the case on Saturday “Deliberate violence by persons occupying a public authority and the threat of a crime”after a report received in the afternoon.

Police Prefect Laurent Nunez indicated on Saturday that the dismantling of the BRAV-M is not “Obviously not on the agenda.”.

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Sebastien Rocher: “Emmanuel Macron is putting France in a democratic impasse”

The director of the National Police Inspectorate General said on Sunday that there have been a total of 17 judicial investigations since the first National Day of Mobilization Against Pension Reform in January. On Friday, Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin revealed that eleven investigations had been opened by the IGPN ” Since a week “. Thus, this indicates an acceleration in referrals recently, especially since March 16 and the start of violent demonstrations in Paris and in several regions, in response to the use of Article 49-3 of the Constitution to adopt the reform.

  • In Saint-Sullen, anti-government protesters clashed with the police

Thousands of people gathered at Saint-Sollen Basin on Saturday 25 March to denounce “Water capture by agro-industries”. While violent clashes took place, the organizers accused the authorities of delaying treatment for at least one seriously injured person.

Tear gas, quadruples, Molotov cocktails… In Saint-Sollen, anti-dockers run into the police

An investigation has been opened “to determine the exact nature” Serious injuries to three demonstrators in total and “the conditions that” Prosecutor Julian Watbled said in a press release that these people were injured.

The Niort Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed on Sunday that a vital prognosis remains in relation to a demonstrator who was injured during these violent clashes that took place on Saturday during a demonstration against agricultural water reserves in Deux Sevres.

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Environmentalists in a Hostile Environment: Between Insults and Physical Attacks, Activists Under Pressure

With this demonstrator between life and death, it is clear that the Sevens tragedy is in many heads … At that time, on October 26, 2014, the body of 21-year-old environmental activist Remy Frais was found at the site of the Sevens dam in Tarn after clashes between Opponents of the project and the police.

For its part, the Human Rights League questioned, on Sunday, the responsibility of the police in the violence that took place on Saturday in Saint-Sollen.

“We observed an excessive and indiscriminate use of force on all those present, with the clear aim: to deny access to the basin, whatever the human cost.”writes LDH, which has mandated 22 monitors of public freedoms and police practices on the spot.

  • Russia will spread nuclear weapons “tactics” in Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Moscow will deploy nuclear weapons “tactics” On the territory of its ally, Belarus, a country at the gates of the European Union. International reactions were numerous.

“Diary of an Invasion”: Andrei Kurkov, Writer on War

“Russian nuclear rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible”NATO said on Sunday after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement. Moscow’s ally Belarus borders Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. Ukraine called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council this Sunday to confront “nuclear blackmail” from Russia. Meanwhile, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, warned on Sunday that the European Union is likewise “ready” To adopt new sanctions against Belarus if that country were to deploy Russian nuclear weapons on its territory. While France condemned Vladimir Putin’s intention, it called on Moscow to show it ” responsible “ And to reconsider its decision, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Kiev accuses Russia of “taking Belarus as a nuclear hostage,” and calls for an emergency meeting at the United Nations

Vladimir Putin prompted his decision on Saturday with the UK’s desire to send depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine, a British official said recently. But several Russian officials, including former President Dmitry Medvedev, have threatened Ukraine and Westerners with nuclear weapons since the start of the Russian attack on February 24, 2022.

Arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin: 10 things to know about Karim Khan, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

  • At least 29 migrants drowned in three boat wrecks in the Mediterranean Sea

At least 29 migrants from sub-Saharan African countries drowned in three boat wrecks off Tunisia, in the latest in a series of tragedies in the Mediterranean.

The Tunisian coast guard said in a statement on Sunday that 29 bodies had been found, adding that they had been found “The rescue of 11 illegal immigrants of many African nationalities after their boats sank.” off the central eastern coast of Tunisia. The press release mentions three separate shipwrecks.

Roberto Saviano: “How much is it worth to sacrifice?”

A Tunisian fishing boat has recovered 19 bodies after a boat sank 58 km offshore. The Coast Guard patrol recovered eight bodies off the coastal city of Mahdia and rescued 11 migrants whose boat to Italy capsized, while fishing vessels recovered two more bodies.

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In Denmark, the laws for foreigners are getting crazier.

Dozens of migrants have died in a series of shipwrecks and others are missing since President Kais Saied’s violent February 21 speech on illegal immigration. Qais Saeed had confirmed that the presence in Tunisia “hoarding” Illegal immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa were a source of “violence and crime” and under a “criminal act” Aims to “Changing demographics” from the state.

  • Lebanon woke up Sunday divided over the time change

The information could make people smile if it weren’t symbolic for a deeply divided country, already mired in a deep political and economic crisis. Lebanon woke up Sunday divided over the time change, as part of the country refused to comply with the government’s decision to delay the transition to summer by a month.

Advance the clock or not? Lebanon was divided with the change of times

And the resigned government of Najib Mikati took this decision on Thursday, without giving reasons, two days before the scheduled transition to summer, as is the case on every Sunday of last March. The decision (and the very short deadline for its implementation) has caused disruptions to international flights or foreign-related institutions, as many countries switched to daylight savings time on Sunday.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun leaves power and concludes forty years of the country’s history

The resigned prime minister, who is a Sunni Muslim, did not explain the reasons for his decision. But a video leaked on social media shows Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, a Shiite Muslim, telling him not to switch to daylight saving time to allow people who fast during Ramadan, which lasts from sunrise to sunset, to break their fast an hour earlier. The case sparked a torrent of sarcastic comments on social media, with one netizen even asking if ‘A new civil war’ You will break out because of this conflict.

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