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Heart rate, the discovery of a cool and stylish Ukrainian brand that pushes the boundaries

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Heart rate is one of the famous brands of Ukrainian Fashion Week. The brand attracts customers from all over the world beyond its borders. Heart Rate is the art of creating a wardrobe of chic and comfortable clothing to accompany the modern woman in her hectic daily life from Los Angeles to Paris. And if we talk about Ukraine differently with its fashion sense being exported?

How is the Ukrainian design scene evolving in a world dominated by the capitals of New York, London, Paris and Milan?

home heart rate : Ukrainian fashion is very competitive. More and more Ukrainian brands are on the program of Fashion Weeks and an increasing number of Ukrainian names can be found in the showrooms of fashion capitals. Previously, “Made in Ukraine” fashion was further developed domestically, without exporting it beyond our borders. Since the war, there has been unrest in this region as well. It has become important for our industry to be a full part of the global process and for our Ukrainian brands to be ready to integrate into this international community. After all, representative offices are located in the capitals, while production can be found all over the world.

Your sign offers “heart rate” which means “take a pulse” A complete wardrobe for an active urban life. What inspired you to launch this inclusive brand?

Heart Rate started as a sportswear brand. And those who have adopted it, note a real relief. This aspect has become essential for us to meet the needs of customers in their daily lives. We started by mixing athleisure style with everyday wardrobe items in an effort to bring some variety. We wanted to give our fans more than just stylish and comfortable apparel. We wanted to show that heart rate can find its explanation in real life, an adaptable wardrobe that can be worn day and night, anytime.

It used to be that sneakers in an office suit seemed like freedom, but today it is not so easy to find a person who would follow the rules of 50 years ago. Not only does Heart Rate support the idea of ​​feeling comfortable for any occasion, but it also caters to the stylistic demands of today’s women.

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Besides looking to be comfortable while maintaining style, what is a heart rate woman looking for?

Women with a heart rate are special clients from Monaco, Los Angeles and Miami. Today they have breakfast on the French Riviera and the next day they are invited to the royal races or other social events. They spend the season in London, then they go to France, Italy … We give them this flexibility in clothes. You don’t have to accept this injunction to conform to a strict dress code! With a heart rate, they can express their individuality and mood. Slowly, but surely, we are creating a whole world around comfortable clothes for such occasions. or others.

Fashion is also a political platform. How does the war in your country affect your creativity?

It was very difficult to create this group. Confinement, frequent shelling and tension at the highest level 24 hours a day. The sky is gray here, and so are the faces… The general mood is bleak. Emotions shift from depression to euphoria. When you are determined in this context, you cannot stop, otherwise you will sink … It is more important than ever – now – to provide financial support to our team and their families, and to contribute each one at our level to the economy of our country. Life goes on despite difficult circumstances. Many of our employees have relatives on the front lines defending Ukraine’s freedom.

To be completely complete, I will add that Kiev has always been the capital of a certain art of living in our country, so there are the basics of craft. Kiev is a unique city, Ukraine is a unique place. Now, it is especially essential to preserve our traditions.

When we wear heart rate clothes, what messages are we conveying through this aesthetic?

These are clothes for people without stereotypes. These are the women who dress for themselves, rather than trying to impress others. Public opinion is not their compass. Comfort and express themselves and their personality through this method.

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Paris Fashion Week ended this month. Heart rate has already been invited to a parade with us, what’s your relationship to Paris, the world’s fashion capital?

When you live in this world, it is impossible to remain isolated and feel the weight of time. This big Fashion Week party is still quite closed, it migrates from one capital to another, and you have to be physically inside to feel the breath of this coded universe. Heart rate has already shown itself for the first time in Paris and we are going to participate in the second edition. Our brand is taking its first steps, and the road is long and hard. The names that shine today are forgotten tomorrow, and the old fashion houses are reborn. There is rarely room for young brands because they first and foremost need an incubation period. Through the summation of the enormous amount of work, and the mobilization of a passionate team, we can hope to gradually increase strength.

a The ultimate designer’s dream?

Today, the Ukrainian brand can only have one dream: peace. Since Ukraine has become the epicenter of the most terrible events, we understand better than anyone else that peace is not just the absence of explosions. Peace – these are people who live under the same sun and do not allow aggressive manifestations, either in thought or in deed. I really want there to be harmony around me, the desire to live and love. Fashion is a completely clear language for everyone. It is something like music, painting, architecture and literature. Fashion unions. do not end the call. It is a matter of peace.

What will happen to the heart rate?

Calendar winter is over, and our winter group has ended, too. Now, on to the summer that really begins. We will also be working in the summer of 2024. In any case, we are giving our all in this new collection.

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