Home Politics Before the 10th round on Tuesday, the fear of “chaos” set in.

Before the 10th round on Tuesday, the fear of “chaos” set in.

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Faced with a public still shocked by the violence that has marred the renewed mobilization against pension reform this week, the government and unions warn of the dangers ” chaos “At the beginning of the tenth day of demonstrations on Tuesday.

“They grappled with us one by one for half an hour”: the story of a young man who was humiliated by the brave.

A short respite, after several tense nights. Protests against pension reform continued in several cities on Saturday, with processions bringing together a few hundred people. affiliate “near communities” The union federation encouraged him ahead of a new big day of mobilization on Tuesday, with a Parisian procession in particular that would take place from Place de la Republique to the nation.

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Excessive use of force

While the clashes had moved, over the weekend, around the basins of Saint-Sullen (deux-Sèvres), damage to street furniture was reported and projectiles thrown at the police on Saturday in Rennes during an anti-reform parade.

Tear gas, quadruples, Molotov cocktails… In Saint-Sollen, anti-dockers run into the police

But nothing can compare to it “scenes of chaos” in the Breton capital, carried by the city’s mayor, Nathalie Abery, during Thursday’s demonstration. Floods were observed in many other cities: a police station was attacked in Lorient, the balcony of the town hall burned in Bordeaux, and countless clashes and fires took place in Paris.

The culmination of a week of daily squabbles, since the government resorted to 49.3 to adopt its reform in Parliament, on the ninth day at the initiative of the unions, also witnessed a revival in mobilization, with between 1, 09 million (Beauvau) and 3.5 million (CGT) participants.

The success was overshadowed by accusations of violence, which also targeted the police: the thumb of a protester in Rouen, a railway worker, was torn off “blind” In Paris according to SUD-Rail and unions “targeted by water cannons” reindeer…

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The Council of Europe is concerned about a Excessive use of force Critics focus on BRAV-M, a motorcycle unit responsible for maintaining order in the capital that is not being disbanded ‘Not on the agenda’ According to Police Prefect Laurent Nunez.

“France is in a mess for too little”

In the face of violence, the executive power blames some of its opponents.

“I don’t think those who are firing mortars today are trying to start a fire.” public buildings, Mainly driven by pension reformThis was stated Sunday by Olivier Dussopp during the political program of France Inter / France Television and “Le Monde”. “They have a will to chaos.”

“Those who protest are angry, we must hear them”Government spokesman Olivier Ferrand said in the Journal du Dimanche. Nothing to see “Rebels who come to spread chaos in the country”.

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The argument was brought back by Laurent Berger, who remembers that pension reform aims to generate Savings of barely 10 billion euros – With the legal age postponed from 62 to 64 – and the judge “It is absurd to risk plunging France into chaos for so little.”.

Sebastien Rocher: “Emmanuel Macron is putting France in a democratic impasse”

In an interview with Le Grand Continent magazine, the CFDT president outlines a way out by proposing that the unions ask Not withdrawing the law, but suspending it.Which according to him gives him time “To find a smarter social compromise”.

within three weeks

But under no illusions, since Emmanuel Macron pointed out on Friday “Waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Council.” on pension reform – within three weeks – when he said ” available “ unions “to proceed immediately” On other topics such as wages and working conditions.

Salomé Saqué: 49.3, “It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back after six years of anti-youth politics”

“My door is open, and so is the door of the Elysée. On all issues before us »Olivier Dussopp stepped back to make sure he would be there “without a break” in reforms.

way to respond to “anger” from “far exceeds pension reform”Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne made it clear on Saturday that she sees the social movement that has been underway for two months “Demand for justice”.

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