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Interview with Blabulbul from the Human Rights NGO

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Just over a year after the start of the war in Ukraine, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin. The court pointed to the responsibility of the master of the Kremlin for war crimes, in particular the deportation of children from the occupied regions of Ukraine to the Russian Federation. According to a report by the NGO Human Rights Watch published on March 13, at least 2,000 Ukrainian children have been institutionalized to occupied territories or deported to Russia. Author interview with Bill Van Esveld, associate director for children’s rights at Human Rights Watch.

Human Rights Watch’s 55-page report, “We Should Provide a Family, Not Rebuild Orphanages,” documents the risks faced by children living in institutions. located in areas directly affected by the conflict and evacuees to other regions of Ukraine or to other European regions. countries. What is their status today?

Bill Van Esveld. Before the start of the war, more than 105,000 children lived in institutions in Ukraine, erroneously called “orphanages”, because 90% of these children had parents. Among them, nearly half of them have a disability. This is a huge number, the second in Europe After Russia, and this was the situation we were already working on before the invasion. the ruler

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