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Edward Philip: Clouds on the horizon?

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The timing is certainly unfortunate. But was it necessary to respond indefinitely Announcing this major defeat for weeks ? While the climate is tense and the social crisis caused by pension reform is now turning into a political one, Edouard Philippe, right in his shoes, decides that he will not change anything in his plans. This Saturday, under skies that promise mingling and with an enhanced security system, the former prime minister will gather members of his young party “Horizons” in the Parc Floral, east of Paris. At least those who will be able to make the trip. Because transport strikes oblige, the number of peasants will not be as expected to participate in the first congress of their formation. On the other hand, they will be able to count on the presence of a distinguished guest: Elisabeth Bourne has let it be known that she will come and hang out in the Parc Floral, where Juppé’s RPR (Edouard Philippe’s mentor) had celebrated his 20 years in 1996. François Bayrou of MoDem and Stéphane Sigourney will complete From the Renaissance photo.

This Congress is not completely risk-free for Le Havre. Fully committed to its ambition for 2027, The One Who Chose Strategy “rare word” He intends to prove that he can be heard when he decides to leave his box. The Macronian edifice is showing signs of extreme fragility in recent days, and he also intends to continue to benefit from his political status as a favorite of the French and to strengthen his position as a presidential candidate. With an equation that is still complicated for him: to stand out from the Macronian show without breaking away from it completely. “He is as popular as Kushner, said the chief minister. The question now is: what does he really intend to do with her? ».

sequel after announcement

The presidential camp keeps watching over and over again the maneuverings of the ambitious Norman. Would he go so far as to recall that he was advocating the idea of ​​retiring at the age of 67? W Ironically, the support of the head of state. a stance that, surprisingly, did not in any way tarnish his image. But be careful, warns Frédéric Dabi, Ifop’s general manager: These notes can be a… “slow poison” It ultimately cost him precious popularity points.

The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

Be that as it may, this sequence of retreats has once again thrown a chill between the Macros and the Filipinos. Macroni has only very moderately appreciated the discretion that the mayor of Le Havre has observed in recent weeks. “was absent” A parliamentary plague from the Renaissance. As for his rare media outings, they weren’t always well understood. But why did the former head of state in “Le Point” say that there is “a thousand more important things” To do this pension reform?

His interests regarding book politics “examinations” The measures implemented by the government to fight inflation also had the gift of angering part of the majority. Just like the fact that the two associated “Horizons” deputies, Yannick Vavinec and Andrej Villiers, ostensibly declared their hostility to the pension reform project and announced that, if necessary, they would vote against it. A relative of Edward Philip assures him: the parties involved can be punished and not sit on the Horizons parliamentary group. Will this be enough to ease tensions as issues of friction between the presidential camp and that of the former head of government continue to multiply: over minimum sentences, housing policy, domestic violence, and/or the preparation of senators?

When Edouard Philippe and the government fought over housing

Edward Philip understands this: the hard core of the Macronists, who continue to have a fierce hatred for him, do not intend to facilitate his mission in the future. It will be a filter and we have integrated it, This is confirmed by a close friend of the head of state. He will be the candidate of the liberal and European right who will carry an inappropriate political project. But what is the weight of his positions? 10 to 12%, that’s all.. These attacks, Le Havre is now accustomed to. “It touches one without moving the other….” He now answers, adopting the Shiraki proverb.

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