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The Republic is overwhelmed, how can Macron rule now?

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He is an early companion to Emmanuel Macron trying to reassure himself about the future of the five-year term, only to look good the day after using 49.3 to adopt pension reform without a vote. Then it suddenly stopped. “Can I talk to you here? Because I’m tired of talking nonsense…” Let’s nod his head to see what’s on his mind. “I’m still shocked. I don’t see how to get out of the trap…” Resume the method of venting. We had to implement Hisar pension reforms this fall. Everyone was screaming, but no one had time to organize themselves. Macron himself was on board. He said, “Anyway, the time will never be right.” But Burney and Pyro objected with all their might, and the chief allowed himself to be persuaded. They all fucking suck! »

Agathe Kagi: “It’s a lost five years, the commitments are too heavy”

And to tell the truth, the head of state has never fully acquiesced to his prime minister and his most loyal ally. And if he agreed to postpone – twice – submitting the text, if he agreed to reduce – to some extent – the ambitions of the “mother of reforms”, then he did not give in to one point: its entry into force in the summer of 2023 at the latest. Even if it means brutalizing the country, speeding up parliamentary procedures by all means, banishing all trade unions, dividing society, and.

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