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Summary of what the head of state said on TF1 and France 2 news

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Since the adoption of the tongs of the pension reform with 49.3, everyone in politics has hung on it… except for the President of the Republic, who has been shrouded in silence for several days. Forty-eight hours after the motion of censure failed, by nine votes, Emmanuel Macron finally broke the silence and answered the questions of Marie-Sophie Lacarreaux and Julien Bougier, during a 35-minute interview broadcast on the news from TF1 and France 2 .

The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

• The reform will come into force by the end of 2023

Emmanuel Macron is committed to that. Wants “That at the end of the year 1.8 million of our compatriots will begin to increase their pensions, and this should enter into force by the end of the year”, did he say. Then he indicated that it was first necessary to wait for the decision of the Constitutional Council. The opposition also filed appeals before the court.

sequel after announcement

Pension reform, Macron “would have liked not to have done it”

The president did not initiate reform with solutions “Sorour” but by “a sense of public responsibility”. He mentioned various solutions (reducing pensions, increasing contributions of active workers, financing from the state budget) which, according to him, are not viable. In proof of this, he released – as usual – a sketch, this time “Parisian”.

Then deal with the opposition: “The magic formula that implicitly represents the project of all opponents is powerlessness: choose to make your children pay the price because you refuse to decide today with clarity and courage.”

• “The crowd has no legitimacy? Macron avoids controversy and criticizes the violence in the demonstrations

margin 9H On the day of the demonstrations that will take place on Thursday, March 23, Emmanuel Macron returned to these statements on the day “the crowd” who did not have “legitimacy” against elected officials. If it is legal – that is, unions, the right to demonstrate – then the head of state has condemned blockages and violence. “It has to be said: We respect, we listen, we try to move forward for the country, but we cannot accept rebels or factions.”, It is to explain. while calling to listen “feeling wronged”.

• Direct criticism of unions

If Emmanuel Macron defended the legality of trade unions, especially for demonstrations, he scratched them, regretting ” It did not offer any trade union force a compromise on pension reform.

sequel after announcement

A sentence that is not passed on at all to those involved. ” Denial and lies! CFDT has a pension reform project,” Laurent Berger, Chairman of CFDT, responded following the presidential interview. It’s nonsense CGT Syndicate President Felipe Martinez replied.

• No redesign coming, Borne a Macron’s confidence

Emmanuel Macron confirmed the prime minister in office, but he is very weak after sequencing and using 49.3. “She has my confidence in leading this government team.”did he say. “What I asked him to do was build a legislative and governmental program jointly with the President of the Assembly and the President of the Senate.”he added.

On the other hand, he opened up the possibility of a cabinet reshuffle, by commissioning Elizabeth Bourne “continue to expand his government”. It can be on the right, with a few LR characters, or on the left with the elected environmentalists.

• The guilt-shy head of state

When asked about his mistakes, Emmanuel Macron admitted that he had failed to convince him of the necessity of reform. “I notice that there is a tendency to abstract oneself from the principle of reality.”However, he softened, and regretted it in particular “No union force has offered a compromise”.

sequel after announcement

Pension reform: why Macron wants to impose it

And about the challenge to his person, the president was clear: If, in hindsight, it is necessary to uphold the country’s unpopularity, I will. » He also indicated that he is not seeking re-election because the constitution does not allow more than two consecutive terms.

A reflection on vocational attrition and retraining

After postponing the statutory retirement age, “The real issue is professional wear and tear and the end of careers.”Emmanuel Macron said. On these two points, the president declared that he wanted “go further”. “I want to re-engage with social partners on very specific topics.”announced.

• sAce stalemates for the rest of the five-year period

He also confirmed that his five-year term of office was not doomed to paralysis, despite his relative majority in the Council. “We have no right for our country to stop or stand idly by.”, He said. Regarding the method, he mentioned a possibility Shorter, clearer textsslippery than Not everything goes according to the law.. Parliamentarians will appreciate it.

Immigration law ‘divided’ into ‘shorter texts’

The next big text will still make it to Parliament, and that is the Immigration Bill. If a delay is mentioned for some time, Emmanuel Macron has confirmed that it will be examined “in the coming weeks”. But differently: We’ll rearrange things and cut the scripts shorter. said the chief.

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