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Holland, Italy, Norway… the list of European countries taking action against TikTok is growing

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Haro on TikTok. The Chinese social network is increasingly being targeted in Europe. As France considers its ban on civil servants, other European countries are issuing the first instructions. Three new European countries Norway, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands advise against applying on Tuesday 21 March.

These new recommendations come in a special context in which China is accused of espionage with its application. TikTok has come under increasing scrutiny, and Canada and the United States have already banned the social network from government agencies.

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On the Italian side, an investigation was opened on Tuesday 21 March to “dangerous content” present in the application.

• Norway does not recommend applying to civil servants

Norway’s Minister of Justice Emily Inger Mehl has advised against the application for the country’s civil servants on their professional devices on Tuesday, March 21. ” in their risk assessments […]And Intelligence services identify Russia and China as major risk factors for Norwegian security interests.The minister said in a press release. The removal recommendation affects the work machines of all government employees.

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However, the use of TikTok is not prohibited. The application can be used by civil servants, but only on personal devices, which are not connected to government systems. Thus, public figures active in the app, such as the Minister of Justice, will be able to continue posting videos as long as the device is not linked to these systems.

• In the UK, the BBC encourages removal

Across the channel, the BBC is now advising its staff to remove TikTok. The group’s employees received an email on Sunday that read, ” Do not recommend installing TikTok on a BBC device, unless for a justified professional reason He adds: If you don’t need TikTok for business reasons, you should delete TikTok. »

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These instructions appear in the already complex context of the UK’s Chinese app which bans it on government agencies.

• “An increasing risk of espionage,” according to Holland

Use is now discouraged for Dutch officials. According to a notice from the Dutch Service (AIVD), there are “ Increased risk of espionage on the TikTok app. government has immediately It advised against using the Chinese app to its officials.

“The central government must be able to do its work securely, via its mobile devices as well.”said Alexandra van Hoevelin, Dutch Minister of State for Digitization. “Recent parliamentary questions and international developments have led to a careful assessment that goes beyond advising against the application.”she added.

The Dutch government wants all work phones for civil servants to use only authorized apps in the future.

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• Opening an investigation in Italy

The Italian competition police on Tuesday suspected the app was not applying its own rules of censorship. Dangerous content that incites suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders.”.

The accusation stems from a “modern” challenge on the app. Several videos Youth who engage in self-injurious behaviors Regarding the challenge of the “French Scar” has spread in Italy. This is amazing trends Health and education sectors worry.

Italian gendarmes criticize TikTok for not having a proper content monitoring system, “Especially in the presence of particularly vulnerable users such as minors”.

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TikTok will not have “Its own rules for removing dangerous content related to challenges, suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders have not been enforced.”the authority confirms in its press release.

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