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French volunteer Kevin D. in Bakhmut area

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A French volunteer was recently killed in the front-line hotspot of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, according to press information confirmed by the Foreign Ministry on Friday, March 24.

In Bakhmut, “occupy positions at any cost.”

The regional daily Ouest France reported on March 22 the death of Kevin D. , a former humanitarian worker who left over a year ago to fight on the side of the Ukrainians. The 30-year-old was killed in unspecified circumstances near Bakhmut, where a bloody battle has been taking place between Russian and Ukrainian forces for eight months.

sequel after announcement

“We have learned the sad news of the passing of this one. We send our condolences to his family.”Agence France-Presse State Department, in contact with the family.

Many French volunteers in Ukraine

“We remember that Ukraine, over its entire territory, is a war zone. In this context, it is strongly advised not to travel to Ukraine, for whatever reason.The ministry added.

“He who is not afraid is mad”: on the minds of those Frenchmen who leave for Ukraine

Many Frenchmen went to fight in Ukraine, where an international legion on the orders of the Kiev army gathered foreign fighters. Their number and the death toll are not known.

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