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After 49.3 rejected motions for censure, the story of a chaotic week on the back of mobilization against reform

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Since the pension reform was adopted at 49.3, it is difficult to predict what will happen next. But what is certain is that the past week witnessed a convulsion in everyone’s positions. After a record crowd on Thursday, for the ninth day of struggle, the trade union announced the next rally on Tuesday 28 March. In contrast, Emmanuel Macron pledged in his interview, on Wednesday, that the reform would enter into force by the end of the year. To the dismay of the French, 70% of them oppose the text.

The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

• On Monday, the failure of the blame movements and the first tensions in the street

But this week begins with hope for opponents of reform. The National Assembly is debating two censure motions, one from opposing parties. The proposal put forward by MP Charles de Courson (Liberty, Independents, Overseas and Territories – Leute -) needs the support of nearly thirty deputies from the Republic (LR) party, half of the group, to be adopted and the government overthrown. At the time of the vote, 19 right-wing elected officials, including Aurelin Brady, deviated from the line advocated by Eric Ciotti and voted in favor of the proposal along with the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) and the National Caucus (RN). Insufficient. Elizabeth Bourne’s government was saved by nine votes.

sequel after announcement

This new setback is fueling popular anger and spontaneous rallies are reported in several cities in France. They mingled with strikers from the many swarming sectors, particularly the clogged refineries, which caused the first shortage of service stations. In Paris, the Place Vauban, near the Invalides, was invested by protesters, immediately gassed and charged by the police. At least 234 people were arrested in the capital, and several institutions, including the United Nations, have condemned the police violence. CFDT General Secretary Laurent Berger deplores “The biggest social crisis in the past ten years”.

Blockage in Le Havre against pension reform: “We don’t run the 100m, it’s a marathon”

To maintain the possibility of a favorable outcome, the 250 deputies and senators on the left have submitted a request for a Joint Initiative Referendum (RIP) to the Constitutional Council, which must examine the admissibility of this referendum. The unions decided – according to Jean-Luc Mélenchon – that this RIP should collect citizens’ signatures, in an effort to reach a tenth of the electorate, or 4.87 million signatures, within nine months, to pave the way for a referendum.

• Tuesday, the appeal before the Constitutional Council

The next day, the anger did not subside. While Emmanuel Macron is doubling down on advisories to turn the page on pensions, opponents are still rallying. Roads were cut off in several cities, transportation was disrupted, and some universities were closed. Many offices of deputies were targeted by the felines and the right. At the Fos-sur-Mer oil depot, the government announces personnel requests, which immediately increases tension. Paris police headquarters Orders for the purchase of 670 cleaning agentswhile more than 10,000 tons of garbage accumulate in the streets.

Vincent Martini: “The main failure of the great movement? A failure to create confidence.”

Opposition also continues on the political level. While Elizabeth Bourne announced the day before it was taken over “Directly the Constitutional Council” To review the reform, the National Front, in turn, submits an appeal to the authority. Ditto for the 150 Nupes MPs to whom the reform does not apply It did not fall within the scope of amending the Finance Law. Social security. After the text was rejected in the Assembly, the elected officials hope for complete oversight of the reform by the Constitutional Council.

sequel after announcement

Will this mobilization and its violence raise suspicions of the executive authority? never. Elizabeth Bourne thinks she has “The right to use the word victory”, after surviving motions of no confidence. From the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron confirmed during a meeting of the presidential camp that he would not solve, amend or call for a referendum. In the evening, the chief adds a layer of it with a guarantee “the crowd” Those who demonstrated against reform did not “There is no legitimacy in the face of people who express themselves sovereignly through their elected representatives.”. A sentence that stirs up an uproar in opposition.

• Wednesday interview with Emmanuel Macron

In the middle of the week, the time is not to calm down. Protest movements do not weaken. 1 p.m., the President speaks live from the Elysee. And the rhetoric does not move one iota: the reform will enter into force by the end of 2023, Elizabeth Bourne retains her confidence, and “sinner” and the “faction” Not acceptable at demonstrations. The Chief also attacks the unions, believing there are none “middle view”. Denial and lies! »Laurent Berger replies immediately. His counterpart at CGT, Felipe Martinez, describes the interview as “lunar”.

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The opposition denounces “contempt” and the “denial” Chief of state. “I’m afraid he didn’t put more explosives in an already well-lit inferno.”And Worries the first secretary of the Socialist Party Oliver Fore.

• Thursday renewal of attendance for the ninth day of mobilization

Between 1.08 million people (according to the interior) and 3.5 million (according to the CGT) took to the streets, some for the first time, angry at 49.3 and at the interview with Emmanuel Macron. The government has pushed us to the limit […] I’m not a violent person, but when I heard the interview, I wanted to become one. Loose Renault with “UPS”.

sequel after announcement

Salomé Saqué: 49.3, “It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back after six years of anti-youth politics”

After a limited number of incidents the day before, violence resumed everywhere in France. In Rouen, a protester had her thumb ripped off by a grenade. Water cannons in Rennes. Just before the Parisian motorcade left, Laurent called Berger nonviolence. Public opinion is sensitive to this, we must maintain their support. Sadly, our master’s voice would not be heard and the first tensions erupted an hour after the procession had set off.

Clashes between several hundred thugs and police will continue until late at night amid rubbish fires and police beating several times. An illustration of this evening’s excesses: the fire that broke out at the door of the Bordeaux town hall. Elizabeth Bourne describes this violence and decadence as“unacceptable”.

• Friday how to break the deadlock?

All eyes are on France. Internationally, articles proliferate to tell Anger in the streets as a million people march against Macron. Many media outlets also report on police violence that is well documented and criticized by bodies and NGOs such as Amnesty International.

Pensions: What if Emmanuel Macron offered a way out for Article 10 of the constitution?

On the part of the trade union, the success of the demonstrations pushes it to prolong the movement and calls for a new day of mobilization, March 28. Laurent Berger calls for reform on a break […] before a tragedy strikes.” And if the master confirms that he has everything ‘Fear of deterioration’The head of state does not respond. At the end of the morning, the Elysee simply announced that King Charles III’s visit to France, scheduled for Sunday through Wednesday, would be “Delayed”Taking into account the next packing day. A reaction from Emmanuel Macron finally arrives during his press conference in Brussels, on the sidelines of the European Summit. declare to be Available to the joint union…but only after a decision of the Constitutional Council.

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