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What is the difference between these religious fasts?

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Does Ramadan lend to Muslims and vice versa? Every year after Shrove Tuesday, which marks the last day of plenty, Christians are expected to recline until Easter Sunday. Every year, more than a billion Muslims also go through a period of food fasting: it is Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. A priori, these two religious eras have nothing to do with each other.

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If the forty days of Lent are dedicated to penance, then the obligations imposed on Christians are quite flexible: to eliminate only a few meals, to moderate others, to abstain from meat at certain times. Ramadan lasts only thirty days, but it’s even stricter: a blanket ban on eating, drinking, and sex from dawn to dusk. However, from their philosophy to their Jewish origins, the two have a lot in common. Illustrations by François Rennert, aka Oncle Obs, in this new video directed by Mahaut Landaz.

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