Home Politics “The explosive social situation also worries financial markets”

“The explosive social situation also worries financial markets”

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Emmanuel Macron is now defending the pension reform, which the government initially introduced with the aim of achieving social justice, in front of his ministers to reassure investors who buy French debt and thus limit, he said, “very high financial risk”. This is what Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire already made clear when he championed reform in the fall: it was about bringing money into state coffers to win margins for maneuver.

The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

According to Bercy, a two-year extension of working time for all French would mean earning an additional 1% of GDP from 2027, or 20 billion in wealth for the country. The impact on the pension system would also make it possible to cancel the projected deficit of 13 billion euros in 2030 with a surplus of up to 17 billion – before the reliefs given to LR senators to win their votes.

These numbers remain largely subject to caution since they were calculated with the unemployment rate at its lowest levels: the country plans to bring it down to 4.5% of the population, from 7% currently, an already historically low level. Is France reforming its labor market first to satisfy its international partners? Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which groups the major countries of the planet and whose mission is to To promote policies that improve

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