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The association adopts a controversial article about smart video surveillance

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On Thursday, March 23, the National Assembly approved the use of so-called “smart” video surveillance, based on algorithms, which the executive authority wants to test before and during the 2024 Olympics, despite fears of security breaches expressed by the left.

Article 7 of the Olympic bill was approved by 59 votes for: Presidential Majority – Republicans – National Caucus and 14 against: New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes). Provides on a trial basis that secure “Sporting, entertainment or cultural events” Scale algorithms can be used.

sequel after announcement

Observing the 2024 Olympics: “Public authorities exploit technological developments at the expense of individual freedoms”

The Olympic Games are in sight, but the experiment, which should stop at the end of 2024, can begin as soon as the law is issued, and relates, for example, to the upcoming Rugby World Cup in September and October. The stated goal: to analyze images captured by cameras or drones, to automatically detect potentially dangerous actions or gestures.

“not hoodies”

The list of “events” to be disclosed shall be determined by decree, after consulting the National Commission of Accounts and Liberties (Cnil). During the discussions, Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin cited as examples “Fire, population bottlenecks, parcel or abandoned bag”. but “not hoodies”He emphasized that he pressured the left’s questions.

Nupes MPs are concerned about the potential for misuse of this technology, fearing that the Olympics could serve as a springboard for generalizing this type of surveillance to the population.

Transportation, security, and the budget… Alerts from the State Audit Bureau regarding the 2024 Olympics

The CEO insists on safeguards, the absence of facial recognition, and the need to secure games and the millions of expected spectators. “Predetermined events are not about people, but about situations.”Gerald Darmanin insisted, without convincing them. As for the associations for the defense of freedoms, they are against it, such as the National Bar Council.

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Reduce areas of experimentation

Much discussion has taken place around the character “fingerprints” Whether or not the data, for example, allows for the isolation and tracing of the person. The majority and the government assert that they are not of this character. It will necessarily be biometric data.Sandra Regol (environmentalist) insisted.

Opposition deputies tried to limit the experiment further, limiting it to giving away baggage, or imposing that the state alone is responsible for analyzing the data, without resorting to the private sector, but to no avail.

Cnil is warning against the “disproportionate” and illegal breeding of surveillance cameras in public places

An amendment was endorsed by RN Aurélien Lopez-Liguori, Chair of the Study Group on Digital Security and Sovereignty. It intends to give priority to the use of European companies. But the fact that the majority deputies, members of the study group, signed or subcontracted the National Front amendment, angered the left. “We are diverging from this majority that no longer knows where to go”environmentalist Jeremy Yordanoff lamented.

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