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Macron’s spectacular rehearsal for the 1pm newscast

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“don’t make me happy”He reiterated at will Emmanuel Macron on reforming the pension system, during his televised intervention, Wednesday, March 22. The President of the Republic used the formula four times during this thirty-five-minute interview about France 2 and TF1.

Pensions: 21.41% of teachers are on strike this Thursday, according to the Ministry of Education

Don’t make it “Not amusing” But the head of state “Supposedly”. Silent since January on the groundbreaking project of his second five-year term, Emmanuel Macron has made a plea in favor of this reform ” necessary “ He is not driving ” For fun “.

sequel after announcement

“I don’t live with regrets”He added that he conceded with that “Failed to convince of necessity” from fix. But, according to him, “There are no 36 solutions” Raising the legal retirement age to 64.

9H packing day

The head of state singled out the opposition by saying that the project is for them “This is impotence.”. The presidential interview made them jump right away, as did the 9 union organizationsH Day of strikes and mobilization on Thursday.

“The explosive social situation also worries financial markets”

“Following the face and disdain of the millions of protesters”under pressure from CGT President Felipe Martinez. “denial and lies”His CFDT counterpart, Laurent Berger, was outraged when Emmanuel Macron just said he had not offered any union settlement over pensions.

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