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“Lying” and “the moon” … the unions and the opposition denounce Macron’s “contempt” after meeting him

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not persuade. Emmanuel Macron was interviewed on Wednesday 22 March by Julien Bougier and Marie-Sophie Lacarreaux at 1pm on France 2 and TF1 News. The head of state insisted that the reform go into effect as planned on 1any next September. “As I speak to you, do you think that makes me happy [de faire la réforme des retraites] ? no “Emmanuel Macron said. but This reform is necessary., He said. nothing “There are no 36 solutions. If we want the diet to be balanced, it’s not anymore. The longer we wait, the more it deteriorates.

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If he confirms that he is ready for it “endorsement of unpopularity”Emmanuel Macron offered one simple guilt: his failure to explain the need for reform, “You failed to share the restrictions”And “fail to convince”. He finds himself again, after weeks of controversy in public opinion and the street, to justify his choice to postpone the retirement age.

sequel after announcement

Denial and contempt

His interview was quick in the reaction of the opposition. “To allow Macron to reveal his complacency by not talking about 49.3 and the popular revolution it sparked, he is destitute.” […] bad “was furious with rebellious MP Raquel Garrido, questioning the relevance of the journalists’ questions from France 2 and TF1. “We didn’t expect anything. But nothing could have been better.”dropped, terse, deputy ecologist in Paris, Sandrine Rousseau.

For her part, Mathilde Bannot expressed her regret for Emmanuel Macron “down to earth, arrogant, lying, irresponsible”. However, he only had four words to say: I am withdrawing my reform. Congratulations to those who have endured these 30 minutes of absolute emptiness. “A complete failure for Emmanuel Macron, who supposedly put oil on the fire”added the Attorney General. s of Val-de-Marne and the vice-president of the association’s environmental group, Sophie Taillé-Polian.

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The same position of the rebellious deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis, Bastien Lachaud, who denounces Denial and contempt Chief of state. “Every word of Emmanuel Macron is a new lie, a new spit in the face of millions of citizens. People will be interested in bringing him back to reality.”

Emmanuel Macron has “Put more explosives on an already well-lit inferno.”For his part, he criticized the first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, while the head of environmental experts, Marine Tondelaere, denounced “Complacency”. “It’s amazing, he’s in absolute denial.”said Olivier Faure of the National Assembly. “I’m afraid he’s set more explosives on an already well-lit inferno.”added, especially in “excluding unions”. Marine Tondeleire said to herself on Twitter: “I was comforted by the president’s demonstration of complacency.” Which, in his eyes, is holding “offensive words”.

sequel after announcement

“it’s the moon”

On the part of the unions, Laurent Berger accused Emmanuel Macron ” to lie ” Regarding the CFDT position “to hide his inability to find a majority to vote for his unfair reform”.. “I regret that no union force has proposed a compromise solution,” Has confirmed during the interview with the president.

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Denial and lies! CFDT has a pension reform project. Macron 2019 has understood this, he has embraced our ambition for a world order. Macron 2023 rewrites history and lies about CFDT to hide his inability to find a majority to vote for his unfair reform”replied to the union’s number one on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Felipe Martinez, General Secretary of the General Confederation of Workers, described the interview as “lunar”. For him, the words of Emmanuel Macron are “Received from the mouth and contempt for the millions of people who pretend. This interview is bad. It is: everything is fine, I am doing everything well, nothing happens on the street. There is no response ».

“out of all reality”

Denounced Jean-Luc Mélenchon ‘traditional signs of contempt’ Emmanuel Macron, after his television interview on reforming the pension system, considering him the head of state “He lives outside of all reality.”.

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Criticize the former presidential candidate“arrogance” Posted by Emmanuel Macron In difficult jobs when he was “Just pulled out the intensity standards.”at a press conference in Toulouse. “The crowd to the people what is crying to the sound”Jean-Luc Mélenchon added, referring to the President’s statement on the matter “crowd” Who does not have There is no legitimacy in the face of people who express themselves through their elected representatives..

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