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Emmanuel Macron on Laurent Berger during his TV interview: The sentence is too much

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Emmanuel Macron during his interview with TF1 and France 2 newspapers at 1 p.m., March 22, 2023 (LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP)

surprising! Emmanuel Macron’s defense of pension reform during his interviews on TF1 and France 2 on Wednesday 22 March is fair game. His choice to play the music of republicanism and the public interest it embodies against street rebels, it’s a great classic on politics. We speculated that he was trying to navigate this period of conflict and turmoil by projecting himself into the future. That he declares the commitment of profitable companies to attach their employees to these profits, that’s very good! That it outlines an opening up to unions by advocating a renewed social dialogue about thinking about work, even if it’s still a bit early, because why not?

Emmanuel Macron in “13 Hours” as if nothing had happened

But, in this case, was it necessary to send an arrow (another arrow) to Laurent Berger, when it was the latter who wanted – and obtained – for two months a peaceful mobilization throughout the country?

sequel after announcement

What interest? What was the point of stinging the CFDT general secretary by reminding him that members at his last congress not only rejected the principle of any age measure in pension reform, but also voted against the principle of increasing the subscription period which he personally supported. This free reminder is one sentence too many. Especially since Macron did not stop there. “We are not in competition in terms of sense of responsibility.”In his words, contrary to the opinion of the French on the CFDT leader. And he drives this point home by accusing social partners of not having them “middle view”while Berger was always clear on the subject: we can discuss everything, except for the postponement of the legal age of departure …

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Is this the best way to invite the unions, and the CFDT in particular, to “re-dialogue” On topics such as the relationship to work, as the head of state encouraged them, three minutes ago, in his previous sentence? Is this the best way to appreciate someone who has always said he will respect the legality of institutions at a time when everyone fears transgressions of all kinds?

Laurent Berger, Investigating the Main Man of the Packers

If, given the situation, Emmanuel Macron is sincere in his call to restore relations with the social partners, we can only conclude that it was his vanity – or his resentment – that inspired his mini-punishment. We understand that he does not forgive Berger for his uncompromising and unwavering stance on refusing to push back the legal age of departure from 62 to 64. As we sometimes said about Nicolas Sarkozy: he can’t help himself… This is not really due to circumstances: politics and the coveted strategy of appeasement have commanded to ignore the quarrels of psychology and ego. But it is clear that psychology has prevailed over the stated political goal.

To read the immediate reaction of the CFDT chief who on Twitter denounced the “denial” and the ” to lie “ The President of the Republic, we understand that reconciliation paths around the negotiating table are not for tomorrow…

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