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Charles III’s visit to Paris continued, despite the blows

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The British government indicated on Thursday 23 March Not aware of any change in plan on the visit of Charles III to France, sparked by an important social movement against pension reform. King Charles is due to arrive on an official visit on Sunday, which is likely to be disrupted by protests.

And the unpopular Charles became Charles III

The monarch is expected to visit France as part of his first state visit since ascending the throne in September. Accompanied by his wife, Camilla, he will remain there until March 29, before going to Germany until the 31st.

sequel after announcement

The royal visit in the camera lens of the trade unions

Charles III in particular with President Emmanuel Macron should attend a party under the Arc de Triomphe and take part in a banquet at the Palace of Versailles, near Paris, before going to Bordeaux (southwest).

However, the program may stall. Unions have rallied against pension reform in France after already declaring that the royal visit was “in their opinion”.

Buckingham Palace ensures that the situation is being closely monitored.

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