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As if nothing happened

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“It’s a difficult moment, but this doesn’t take it all.” A sentence sometimes says more than an interview. It’s a tough moment, but that doesn’t take away everything. And to be honest, she doesn’t hold anything. Nothing Emmanuel Macron had actually planned and announced during the last presidential election, when he promised to “new style” Governance consists of political compromises and social dialogue. He failed, but he does not intend to disagree. Crisis, what crisis?

The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

As if nothing had happened, Emmanuel Macron called on the unions to do so “Count around the table”. He also listed the following discussions: “Occupational Attrition”, “Work That Doesn’t Pay Enough”, “The Question of Jobs”. Yes, manifestations “Lawful”more than these “sinner” who in the evening shout out their anger without informing the prefecture, but, let’s say, no one will be heard. Pension reform will not be withdrawn. There will be no dissolution of the association.

sequel after announcement

Are they ready to return to the discussion without being heard? Not really, it seems. Laurent Berger, General Secretary of the Confederation of Trade Unions, accused him of this “Recreating history and lying to hide his inability to find a majority to vote for his unfair reform.”. On his CGT counterpart, Felipe Martinez, This interview was lunar, it was “everything is fine, nothing is happening on the street, and those who complain have not understood anything.” »

“Lying” and “the moon” … the unions and the opposition denounce Macron’s “contempt” after meeting him

“We are very law-abiding”

As if nothing had happened, Emmanuel Macron also asked his prime minister “To expand the majority as far as possible, on the right, on the left, on the side of the environment”. He’s always done it, and it didn’t always work out, but one thing’s for sure: He’s going to keep going. He even made it a condition of keeping Elizabeth Bourne at Matignon. “I hope you succeed”confirmed.

Good luck to her! Because the left considers that the head of state has left the camp of social democracy for good. Because environmentalists still oppose the revival of nuclear power at present. And right… The Macrons ceded everything to the Republicans on pensions, but those who prevailed weren’t many enough to form a majority.

Pensions: Did Bertrand and Wokes Pull the Strings Behind the Scenes?

As if nothing had happened, Emmanuel Macron calmly wanted to be there “less legislation” and whether they are “shorter”. Then he quietly insisted: “We are very much law-abiding in our republic.” It will appreciate its parliamentary majority, already harmed by the use of Article 49.3. She wanted to be flattered, and she would be ignored even more. At least this solves all the problems of the majority.

sequel after announcement

France has spent billions.

As if nothing had happened, Emmanuel Macron repeated his triptych school environmental healthmixed with“republican system” Based on “recycle”. Again, this is nothing but new. But who could be against? Above all, it costs nothing, as long as it is not detailed.

Only mea culpa recognized on annuities: “Failed to persuade.” But he immediately adds that it is not easy in the face of the opposition, which did not do so “I don’t want to hear the truth.”. Then finally pinging: “We are not in competition in terms of a sense of responsibility.”

Upset that reform rejected by the majority while“We had covid, we had war, we had inflation” And France has spent tens of billions. He hits his forehead twice with both hands. As if to say: But why don’t they understand that I’m right? Sometimes a gesture indicates more than just an interview.

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