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The head of state crushed by the opposition

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New macaronide? This new talk qualifies the striking expressions of Emmanuel Macron, who estimated on Tuesday evening, March 21, in front of the deputies of his camp that “the crowd” He didn’t have it “legitimacy” against elected officials. It is an assertion that sparked a lot of reactions, as demonstrations continued on Wednesday, March 22nd, throughout France against the pension reform, despite its final adoption.

Pension reform, 49.3, demonstrations … Macron speaks at 1pm on TF1 and France2 news

“This vocabulary worries me […] In a moment of clear tension, as there are not many exits for him »Olivier Marlix, president of the LR deputies in the assembly who did not vote for reform, estimated. “The role of the president of the republic is to seek calm, not to give the feeling of throwing oil on the fire.”is completed on France Inter. Before warning: “It is urgent that he rectify the situation, and change his vocabulary during his speech this afternoon.”. Emmanuel Macron will be speaking on TF1 and France 2’s 13-Heures newscast.

sequel after announcement

In the camp of the president himself, opinions are divided. Several participants in the meeting explained to Politico that Emmanuel Macron was referring “to the mob of thugs”. Others, however, did not get the taste of this picnic. “I wouldn’t say things like that.”François Bayrou commented on Franceinfo. I will not deny the legitimacy of the protests. something speaks »Then he said. “The public must be listened to and what I expect from the President of the Republic (…) is precisely that he makes an uncompromising diagnosis of the situation.”MP Gilles Legendre added for the Renaissance. We have no right to refuse..

“We are a social movement and it is respectable”

On the left, a number of elected officials were annoyed by the president’s insistence on denying the legitimacy of the demonstrations. “The country in this case is simply to defend the president’s pride.”mocked François Ruffin on LCI. “We have, at the head of the state, a capricious child who considers France his game”LFI deputy added.

The Republic is inundated: How can Macron rule now?

That’s the term for Green MP Sandrine Russo “crowd” who asks: “When the term mob is used it sounds like a mob of savages, but we are not a mob of savages. We are a social and respectable movement.”replied on BFMTV.

And if Emmanuel Macron announces it “The riot does not control the representatives of the people”However, the president “Delegitimizing the representatives of the people”reported Socialist MP Boris Vallud. “He pays little attention to democratic socialism and parliamentary debate”did he say in the General Senateinsisting that there was no vote in the council.

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