Home Politics “The Chief Failure of Big Tendency? A Failure to Create Confidence”

“The Chief Failure of Big Tendency? A Failure to Create Confidence”

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What do you think of the parliamentary conclusion of the pension reform and, consequently, the controversy over the use of Article 49.3 of the Constitution to adopt the text without a vote?

Vincent Martini The way Emmanuel Macron has used it on pensions raises, in my opinion, a big problem: that of the presidential system. In France, but also in most Western democracies, the power of Heads of State and Government is constantly increasing: this power is now often concentrated in the hands of a single figure surrounded by unelected councillors. Since 1958, it has worsened dramatically since the excessive presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy [2007-2012]France is at the forefront of this scheme.

Hasn’t the Covid-19 crisis just shown us how a small number of individuals, almost outside the control of parliament, can decide our confinement, our rights and our freedoms? With this episode of pensions, this system of government, which we now know by the fact that it no longer produces good decisions or good leaders, is now exposed in its absurdity.

What is Emmanuel Macron’s share of responsibility?

Emmanuel Macron is the archetype of the president of this V.H Republic “new formula”. It ticks all the boxes. Enarque, Financial Inspector, former Deputy Secretary General of the Elysée and former Minister of Economy, dazzling his course and the exercise of his authority,

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