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Elizabeth Bourne makes the LFI responsible for the flooding during the demonstrations

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“Your verbal abuse spilled over into the street.” : before the National Assembly, Elisabeth Bourne directly implicated on Tuesday, March 21, Mathilde Bannot and the LFI group, responsible according to the Prime Minister for excesses during the spontaneous demonstrations in recent days.

“Treason. Disgust. Fury. These are your words, yesterday, in the register of hate, and they are your habit now.”She fired Mathilde Bannot during his questioning of the government, Tuesday 2 March, adding, referring to the previous day’s gatherings in several cities in France: There, unsurprisingly, you have no more words to condemn the violence. »

sequel after announcement

Garbage fires, motorcyclists, traps … at the heart of the Parisian demonstration after the censure movement refused

Elizabeth Bourne then accused the LFI of attacking Republican institutions and questioning the work of the police. I took the opportunity to salute their work: In the face of this violence, I would like to commend once again our police forces who ensure the security of the demonstrations. And I repeat, it is their duty to set an example and they know it, our police officers are like our gendarmes.The prime minister announced before the National Assembly during a questions session for the government. All reports checked.she added.

287 arrests Monday evening

While judges, lawyers and politicians denounce police detention “arbitrary”, Police Chief Laurent Nunez claimed earlier in the day that he was not there ‘No unjustified arrests’ In Paris as part of the mobilization against Employment 49.3 for the adoption of a disputed pension reform.

“49.3, 47.1, 44.3 … Macron in “excessive speed”

On Monday evening, 287 people were arrested, including 234 in Paris, during the spontaneous demonstrations.

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