Home Politics And if Darmanin deems it time, Marcangeli’s fears, the renaissance deputies’ fears …

And if Darmanin deems it time, Marcangeli’s fears, the renaissance deputies’ fears …

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• Darmanin orders his time

On March 16, when Elizabeth Bourne drew her 49.3 in front of booster cyclist Gerald Darmanin, he looked surprisingly calm on the bench. He thinks his time is coming, Note Brice Ortfo. As the immigration bill approaches and beyond…” The Home Secretary’s name is also being circulated in the LRs’ WhatsApp loops. “On the immigration bill, Darmanin does everything that Dussopp has not been able to do in the matter of pensions: he consults all the men one by one”Aurélien Pradié admits. There is a parliamentary collaborator for a senator from the Senate: “Basically, I think Wauquiez and Bertrand let them be superseded By Darmanin or Le Maire. In the evening, between us, it is Darmanin who we enjoy imagining as a candidate in 2027 rather than others who have already played their part … “

Pensions: Did Bertrand and Wokes Pull the Strings Behind the Scenes?

Marcangeli doubted LRs

Corsican Vice President Laurent Marcangeli, President of the Horizons Group. (Bertrand Guay/AFP)

Was the opposition of many parliamentarians to reform the pension system expected? At the end of last year, Corsican deputy Laurent Marcangeli, chairman of the Horizons group, made clear to the executive his concerns about the credibility of the right: “I do not know whether to believe them, I sit next to them in Hemicik and many of them are in direct opposition to the President.” At the risk of contradicting Enga

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