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The Senate votes on a revised text on the suspension and withdrawal of parental authority

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On Tuesday, March 21, the Senate adopted in first reading a socialist text to strengthen the protection of children by expanding mechanisms for the suspension and withdrawal of parental authority or its exercise, in a revised version, including part of the bicycle it regrets its scope. ” self-control “.

With the support of Seals keeper Eric Dupond Moretti, Rep. B. s. Isabel Santiago unanimously in the National Assembly. The text amended by the senators, which was also unanimously voted upon, shall return to the Palais Bourbon.

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“An abusive parent is never a good parent”

Lawrence Haribi (PS) praised “A step forward in protecting children”while he regretted that Article 1 was “partially emptied”. ‘We need to be more ambitious’Quarterback Annick Pilon endorsed the game, saying that “An aggressive parent is never a good parent”.

At the initiative of Rapporteur LR Marie Mercier, the Senate in fact narrowed the scope of Article 1 of the text, relating to the extension of the mechanism for automatic suspension of the exercise of parental authority and visitation and residence rights to persons prosecuted but not prosecuted. after being convicted.

The Senate approved this extension in the event of a crime or incestuous sexual assault, but rejected it in the event of a crime “Deliberate violence against the other parent resulting in complete incapacity for work for more than eight days, when the child has seen the facts”. In addition, the duration of the suspension was limited.

Withdraw parental authority

Part two of the bill provides for parental authority to be withdrawn or exercised in the event of conviction of incestuous aggression, or a crime against the child or the other parent, unless the judge decides otherwise.

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The senators kept the principle, but completely rewrote the article in committee, softening its spontaneous character.

They were also baptized “general arrangement”Requiring criminal courts to rule on the withdrawal or exercise of criminal power, each time a parent is convicted of a crime or misdemeanor committed against their child or of a crime committed against the other parent.

The Senate again adopted, with a favorable opinion from the government, an amendment by socialist Lawrence Rossignol stating that the beneficiary parent of a protective order is not obligated to notify the other parent of any change of residence.

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