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The motion of censure failed by 9 votes and the government still stands

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On Monday 20 March the National Assembly rejected the cross-party censure motion put forward by the centrist group Libertés, Indépendants and Outre-mer et Territoires (Liot), although more than expected LR MPs voted to bring down the government. The text was to collect 287 votes and it received 278 votes.

Pensions: Many wild rallies in Paris after motions of censure fail

After it was announced that Section 49.3 would be triggered to pass pension reform, two motions of censure were filed Friday: one, cross-party, from the Loytt group and one from the RN, which should no longer be approved by MPs.

sequel after announcement

The Constitutional Council expresses itself

As soon as the refusal was announced, the elected deputies of the left immediately raised banners in the Himki Stairs announcing “64 years old, no.”And “continue” or “to cut” As a joint initiative for the referendum they want to launch. The Nubians also cheered “resignation, resignation”addressed to the ministers present, primarily Elizabeth Bourne.

The far-right censure motion only got 94 votes out of the 287 necessary. The left such as the National Front group have already announced referrals to the Constitutional Council, which will have to make a decision before passing on the hotly contested reform bill.

Some 250 parliamentarians, mostly from the left, have also called for a Joint Initiative Referendum (RIP). Emphasizing that the statutory retirement age cannot be determined after 62 years of age..

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