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New RN in assembly? “make-up,” according to the Terra Nova think tank

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Many remarkable and remarkable interventions Follower National Front deputies who took seriously the role of the first opponents »And Proposals to improve the daily life of the French »… It is suffit to se convaincre du sentiment de satisfaction qui règne dans les rangs frontistes ces derniers temps de jeter un œil à la brochure sur papier glacé pondue by le parti d’extrême droite en décembre d’embre à l’occasion of ses six premiers mois à National Assembly. But what is it really? Is the National Front party, as its representatives claim, the party of “good students”, shedding the ideological burden of the far right?

“They are there, in the countryside …”: an investigation of Le Pen’s 87 soldiers on a consolidation mission in the regions

In a note publiée ce mardi 21 March, que «l’Obs» a consultée, le think tank Terra Nova, proche historiquement du parti socialiste et qui se definit as «progressiste», he proposes de revenir sur l’activity of the RN group at National Assembly. about forty pages, if it refers to ” Method and application With which the National Front used its strategy of institutionalization and instability, above all, points to the limits of the exercise: a parliamentary group still isolated within the sphere of blood and weak in the technical aspects of writing the law. And not too far from its ideological basics.

sequel after announcement

Usual Sociology of the Fifth Republic

The action of Terra Nova twists, in passing, the neck of the frontier rhetoric according to which the election of 88 deputies from the National Party was to be presented, in the end, to the French. National Association like them “, They are more representative of the popular groups – so dear to the RN. In this respect, the RN is more than ever.” Classic political party and not this representative of France from below While it has about fifteen elected officials from the world of workers and employees, two-thirds of the RN group is made up of executives or higher intellectual professions, viz. The usual sociology of parliamentarians from VH Republic “.

It seems a long time ago when Marine Le Pen appeared as a figurehead to a group of strangers and youngsters “, emphasizes Terra Nova when he mentions that 80% of the National Front’s deputies have already exercised an electoral mandate. Professionalism, not to mention refinement, we find in the profiles recruited among teams of parliamentary collaborators, sometimes from secondary schools or passed through other political creams, LR or UDI in the lead.

Difficulty writing the law

But move upscale It is credible only if it is accompanied by daily participation in the work of the association Remember Terra Nova. In this regard, the picture more than mixed And so, in the commission, where the deputies are supposed to fully participate in the drafting of the law, which is a technical and demanding work, the deputies of the National Front do not shine. Marine Le Pen, who is devoted to foreign affairs, has spoken there only twice since the start of the legislature. Second The largest group in the room, the alt-right fell to fourth place in the number of interventions on the panel. Why?” Most of the RN Group’s interventions focus on plenary sessions, where legislative work often takes the form of a theatrical confrontation. Terra Nova replies.

Marine Le Pen, The Silent Conquest

And apart from the cameras trained on the benches of the rangefinder, the deputies of the National Front remained. Modification entrants were rejected, deemed inadmissible, or appropriately withdrawn prior to in-session examination Only 5,258 of them were raised by the RN, for example, against more than 21,000 by the insurgents. If this figure is explained, as far as the LFI is concerned, in part by the blocking strategy implemented by a part of the left, then the RN does not Comparison is drawn with LR and PS as well, two groups that are nonetheless less elected than Marine Le Pen’s party (12,094 amendments submitted for LR and 5,799 for PS). 3480 Amendments obtained a majority in circulation Difficulty finding consensus about their positions As it is, the Meager wins Mostly come from modifications Essentially editorial in nature, not related to the substance of the text Or simply stolen from other groups.

sequel after announcement

real isolation though Flexibility of alliances The RN suggested it to the rest of the association. ” For this new RN, there are hardly any limits to the alliances of opportunity provided that they show a spirit of openness, that they do not contradict the main lines of the presidential program of Marine Le Pen and above all that they embarrass the opponent Terra Nova emphasizes, for example, how Marine Le Pen promised very quickly to sign motions of censure that other groups would bid farewell to. The strategy of outstretched hands, even if rejected by other political groups, which, since the start of the legislature, has prompted a vote in 24% of The cases are in agreement with the presidential majority group and in 48% cases with the LR without obtaining, for the time being, compensation, except for the votes of a few LRs in favor of the opposing PPL during its parliamentary standing.In other words: The sanitary collar still works, albeit discreetly And in particular through the empty-chair policy that many parliamentarians adopt when the time comes to decide on RN sealed texts.

The basics are still there

Above all, does the RN’s parliamentary strategy really reflect the change proposed by Marine Le Pen and her software assistants? Voting unity question, the group is remarkably united with a very high ‘cohesion rate’: 0.98 versus 0.93 within the other groups. With the notable exceptions of several symbolic votes, such as the vote on abortion, the National Front group was split – 38 MPs voted in favor of its constitution, 24 opposed, and 15 did not. In this respect, the RN is ” So far from completing his ideological revolution “. In reality, ” The makeup thesis remains the most relevant here Judge Terra Nova:

Far from the distances taken with some of the traditional aspects of cultural conservatism, what emerges above all is ambiguity, even emptiness, in many key questions, and an ideology that has been preserved around the essentials, albeit in rhetorical forms. […] Even if it retains far less media attention than the acrobatic efforts of triangulation, the articulation of RN essentials is regular and methodical in the cosmos. »

This is particularly reflected by the deposit of ” Xenophobic modifications ‘, such as those proposing to reduce unemployment rights for non-EU workers or banning the presence of foreigners in representative bodies of companies…or the RN Amendment proposing to reserve family allowances for “Families for which the person in effective charge is of French nationality One form, among others, of “ national preference “renamed” national priority which remains the cornerstone of the Lepenist programme. The same applies to the politics of childbearing, a classic front that Sebastien Chino or Jordan Bardella has reinvigorated in recent weeks, during the debate over the financing of the pension system. ” Continuously since 1974, Le Pen’s father-and-daughter party has defended this perspective within the dual concern of appeasing traditional Catholics and an identity panicked demographic in the face of a supposed “immigrant inundation”. »

With regard to Ukraine, in August 2022 the National Front abstained, like the LFI, during the vote on the bill ratifying the NATO protocols for Finland and Sweden to join the alliance. Even Russophilia last October, when the RN party did not vote to support the National Assembly of Ukraine by condemning Russian aggression. Historic hostility to Marine Le Pen, which is still widely observed among MEPs, as indicated by “L’Express” in a survey in early March. ” Basically today’s national rally isn’t much different than it was yesterday, a bit of cannonball and the art of masking in addition Terra Nova concludes.

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