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“He stays in his protective bubble, he doesn’t take risks.”

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After 48 hours failing by just nine votes near a cross-party motion of censure advanced by the centrist group Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires (Liot) in the National Assembly, Emmanuel Macron has broken the silence. Under pressure from all sides, the Head of State will speak on Wednesday, March 22nd at 1pm, on the news of TF1 and France 2.

Macron’s Choice: Garbage Before Democracy

At the lowest in opinion polls, slammed on all sides after using 49.3 to pass his pension reform, Emmanuel Macron must try to regain control and resume dialogue with the French. However, the choice of this unexpected format for a televised segment at 1 pm, at a time when most French people work, can be called into question. Decryption with political communication expert Philippe Moreau Chevrolet.

sequel after announcement

What is the purpose of this intervention?

Emmanuel Macron intervenes to deliver three messages. First, that his camp had achieved a victory rather than a defeat since the measure was passed, that it had not been repelled, that it had been voted on by the Senate, and that it had ended up being adopted by virtue of a measure authorized by the Constitution.

Subsequently, he will reaffirm his confidence in Elizabeth Bourne, and install her as Prime Minister. Emmanuel Macron will remember that there are still projects to implement (with an unchanged team), and he will show that he is still active and that he does not give up. He is fully convinced of his ability to find the majority of projects to pass the reforms that the country needs.

Vincent Martini: “The main failure of the great movement? A failure to create confidence.”

Finally, he will take advantage of this clip on television to shame the opposition, particularly the Nubians by making them guilty of obstructing the assembly, and accusing them of diverting the parliamentary debate. He will also likely deal a blow to the LRs who voted for the proposal and will take the opportunity to settle some scores.

sequel after announcement

Why the one o’clock bulletin in the afternoon? Who is he talking to?

Ironically, he assures us, he wants to address the French working… The choice of one o’clock in the afternoon is rather a hypothetical one. The other option was to do an interview at 8pm prime time. But this would turn his speech into an event, and make it more solemn. He wants it to remain as vulgar as possible because he refuses to admit there are problems, blockages in the country.

Garbage fires, motorcyclists, traps … at the heart of the Parisian demonstration after the censure movement refused

Moreover, his aim is to overthrow his constituency: the elderly, the pensioners, the somewhat conservative right-wingers of France, and an eternal admirer of Jean-Pierre Bernout. Through this interview, he seeks to secure or regain the support of his base. By speaking at 1pm, Emmanuel Macron is still in his protective bubble, not taking any risks. We can’t expect much from this interview.

A source at the Elysee points out to La Dépeche du Midi that Emmanuel Macron “chose the regions”. What’s the point?

The idea is to say that in the provinces, the meridian is traditionally performed before the JT of the regions. But this is just an episode to make people forget that if he chooses to speak at 1pm, he doesn’t need to speak at 8pm.

sequel after announcement

For Emmanuel Macron, what’s the point of having a clip on JT instead of a letter?

The speech is dramatic. This would amount to admitting that we are in a kind of May ’68. On the contrary, Emmanuel Macron wants to believe that the current situation is a normal Fifth Republic sequence. It is a denial of reality, a kind of fantasy according to which nothing supernatural happens. He wants his constituents to believe that, unlike what we see on social networks or in the media, everything is fine, and that we can trust him. At the same time, he does not expose himself to extreme contradiction.

“49.3, 47.1, 44.3 … Macron in “excessive speed”

Emmanuel Macron needs to rebuild his electoral base, because politically his five-year term has expired. The first time there were obstacles of this magnitude, the great polemicist pulled out his hat, which chased the “yellow vests” out of thin air and re-established a kind of dialogue. He managed to get out of it. Today, he didn’t have that option anymore. The only political solution is to cancel the reform or not to activate it, which he will not do. So it will be a speech for nothing, which will feed the dialogue of the deaf.

In light of the blockage, was the head of state’s speech necessary?

It is necessary because it was he who started the crisis and only he has the means to resolve it, if he wants to.

sequel after announcement


Of course not. We can expect several more weeks, even months of crisis. Emmanuel Macron artificially launched the attack of May 68, which had no reason to exist. It is a victory that costs him dearly politically. The real issue today is not even pension reform, but respect for democracy. There are two possibilities before this: either he plays his role as president and mends the link, or we head towards a new episode of the “yellow vest” type that the country does not need in the current context.

Could this interview be useless?

If he kept silent, the situation would be worse politically. Emmanuel Macron has no choice, he must break the silence. But the real problem is that there is no good solution left but to withdraw reform.

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