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“49.3, 47.1, 44.3 … Macron in “excessive speed”

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The government has decided to force through the legislature by resorting to 49.3 to adopt the unpopular pension reform. And this is after he had already used 47.1 to frame all parliamentary debates and the “holding vote” in the Senate. What does this method of work reveal to you?

This overlapping of restrictions used by the government is unprecedented in the history of the V CorporationH Republic. But does this process lead to the denial of democracy? These tools are contained in the Constitution and we must not be naïve: in essence, VH The republic is based on this inevitability of governance. including when the majority is uncertain, as has been the case since the inception of this legislature. The constitution of 1958 was born in the minds of a generation traumatized by ministerial instability. For this generation, this instability prevented France from overcoming the economic crisis of the 1930s and its leaders On defeat in 1940.

Also, for the 58 Fathers, the imperative of stability justifies that one can make an act of authority. That is why, at the end of the 1950s, around Michel Debré, it was decided to cross the Rubicon: with the advent of VHThe vote of the “assembled nation” is no longer a matter of “sacred respect” and the last word, once a confrontation occurs, always reverts to the executive. In light of this parliamentary hierarchy of pensions, where the presidential will takes precedence over the express will

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